Crochet-baking Cookies!

Still gearin’ up for a Valentine’s Day store update!

This year we’re not only make heart-shaped cookies, but also sets of x’s and o’s!

At first I was going to sprinkle on pink, white, and red mini pom poms on everything, but then I wondered if I preferred the usual rainbow, and then I wondered if I preferred sugary bugle bead sprinkles!

19 Comments on “Crochet-baking Cookies!”

  • Lauren K.


    those are awesome! you have the coolest ideas!

  • Tanya Williams


    Cuteness. In ranking, I prefer: pink/red/white poms…then bugle beads…then rainbow poms. They are all adorable.

  • Mary


    The bugle beads really bring to mind yummy frosted sugar cookies! All are cute though! πŸ˜€

  • tetcutiepie


    Those heart cookies, that’s what I wanted to do to add to the cookie scarf, but couldn’t find a pattern for it :/

    My 2cents is, I like the red/white/pink pom poms! Much more Valentine’s, to me πŸ™‚

  • Mandie


    I want a sugar cookie in the worst way now from looking at those. Perhaps a trip to the bakery is on today’s list of things to do.

    I love those sooooo much!

  • Emily


    Makes me want to bake some cookies!! I love the “sugary” beads! yum yum! hehe

  • Ceinon


    Oh my gosh! Your hand must be hurting from all that crocheting! Although, they do look amazing! I really like the pompoms, both colours.

  • MaDonna


    These are the cutest! I like the little beads!

  • Marina


    Super! Great update!^_^

  • Ellyssa


    My favorite is the rainbow, but the white and pink red pom pom ones are so valentines day! The sugar cookie one really looks like SUGAR with the bugle bead, If I were u I WOuLD SELL THEM ALL!! πŸ˜€

  • Alice


    They all look adorable!!! Good work, I like the red and white the best!!!

  • Maggi


    They look delicious! lol I just love the X’s and O’s, so perfect for Valentine’s Day. Can’t decide when sprinkle I like best, I think maybe the red, pink and white. πŸ˜€

  • Amina


    Everytime I see your creations I’m amazed.

  • Stephie


    super adorable to the max!

  • EMi


    I can’t wait till your v-day stuff comes out!! LOVE LOVE LOVING the sugar sprinkles!

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