That time I made Hairy barf at Disneyland.

Here are a few photos and a little video from when Hairy and I were at Disneyland in November.

I think the highlight was finding out why we should never go on the Tea Cups again. Just kidding. I guess the highlight was getting to go on Star Tours for the first time since it was re-vamped. We even rode it twice! We went to the Wookie planet and also the planet that Jar Jar Binks lived on. There were hardly any lines for any of the rides that day! Luckies!!

17 Comments on “That time I made Hairy barf at Disneyland.”

  • Sporkii


    Hahaha I totally feel for Hairy since that ride makes me want to barf too. I think it’d be fun to join you two someday 😀

    • YESSSSSSSSSSSSS we must plan that one day!!! Yeah, I am getting barfier on that ride as I get older, but I don’t think I’m as sensitive as Hairy! 😛

      MERRY XMAS!!!!

  • sylvette marie


    My favorite ride tea cups the castle is diferent from the Disney Orlando.

    • I went to Disney Orlando once when I was little, but I don’t remember it very well. I really want to go back to Florida to go to the Hairy Potter land!

  • Tanya B (Nina)


    Haha That was great! I can’t spin fast enough on the Tea cups, but Scott gets barfy too. I grew up near Disneyland, but now I live close to Disney World. Oh, I finally went on the Harry Potter ride (awesome) it’s at Universal Orlando. That place is so rad! Hey…Glad y’all are back on American soil!

    • I am trying to convince Manda to go to FL with me to visit Harry Potter! 😛

  • Janna Lynn


    Hilarious! Whenever I see your videos…I really really wish I could hang out with you on your awesome adventures! Ha ha! I love the rides but I get freaked out when someone announces they feel like barfing…I figure its only minutes until I am wearing the innermost contents of their stomach! You handled it quite well! Hearts, janna lynn

    • Haha I always assume they are joking or over-exaggerating, especially if they are still laughing!

  • Lee


    I don’t do tea cups ’cause I don’t want my lunch on my cupmates!!!

    • It’s not so bad if you just sit there and don’t spin the wheel!

      • Lee


        Yes, but then why teacip at all?!!

  • Maggi


    How fun! I just love going to Disney World, you got so lucky with having no lines! Welcome home!

    • When we went last year on New Year’s Day, it was also quite empty!


    Can I just tell you how much that made me laugh! I needed that 🙂

    • HAha 😛 I thought his whole tirade was pretty funny!

  • Sarah


    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God bless you! xoxo ♥

    • Happy Holidays to you, too! 🙂

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