Merry Cookie-mas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Tonight I had dinner with my Dad, brother, and SIL (my mom is still in Hong Kong), and then we opened family presents!

Then I came home and baked cookies til 4am! I used a cookie press for the first time, and I’m ADDICTED! How excited am I to make my own CHEESE CRACKERS?!!! AHHHH!!! I linked you to the exact brand and model I used. Apparently it’s like the cheapest of the cheap, and I just picked it up at Michael’s while I was buying yarn, but I thought it was super easy to use, and the recipe that comes on the box is pretty good! I just added a little extra sugar and a little extra extract, since I’d read that some people found the recipe too bland. I made pink vanilla heart cookies and green pepermint tree cookies. I wanted to make ginger cookies and chocolate cookies, but I started baking at like 2am and didn’t feel like mixing up another batch! 😛

Later today, my fam and Hairy’s parents are coming over to our house for Christmas dinner. I just put up the tree last night hehehe. More pics after tomorrow!!!

9 Comments on “Merry Cookie-mas!”

  • Tanya B (Nina)


    Merry Christmas! What’s on the menu for tonight? : )

  • Lauren K.


    those cookies look delish! I might make some tonight since I bought a truck load of different icing colors and sprinkles…sounds like a fun xmas so far, have fun tonight as well!!!


  • MaDonna


    SPRITZ! I love making spritz cookies <3

  • Tanya Williams


    Those cookies are gorgeous! I scored a vintage (like 50’s), New in box, cookie press…haven’t busted it out yet, but am looking forward to it now. Never used one before. Thanks for posting this!!!! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with:) Merry Christmas!

  • Merry Chritsmas Twinkie! Im goin to take cookie clases I dont have any idea how to doit and decor it 😛

  • Christine


    Wow! They are so cute! I really want to try a cookie press but I’ve always heard they’re a pain to use. Maybe I’ll venture out and try this since it isn’t breaking the bank!

  • A day late, but I hope a fantastic Christmas was had by you and yours!! Those cookies look dee-lish!!

  • Ekto-Kim


    The cookies look great!!! Never tried a cookie press, always thought it wouldn’t work…will have to think it over!
    Merry Christmas!!!

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