We’re baaaack!

We’re back from our trip to Hong Kong & India. I started working again right away to finish and send out everyone’s holiday goodies, plus I have a big wholesale order I’m trying to get out ASAP and am excited to tell you about!!!

I’ll probably still need to work-hibernate over the weekend, but hopefully next week I can start showing you some photos from my trip!

And I still haven’t put up my Xmas tree!! AHHHH!!!!


8 Comments on “We’re baaaack!”

  • Mary


    Yayy! welcome back XD. We just got our tree today and it’s sitting on the back deck waiting for its final trim before it comes in the house.

    • I have a fake one!!!!! 😛 Gotta pull it out of its box 😛

  • kitten eyes


    They have pink and black fake trees. Amazing. Lol.

    • I bought a pink one last year! Can’t wait to bring it out again!

  • Miranda


    We just finished getting our tree up a hour ago. 😀 What color is your tree? I really want a pink one lol.

    • OH man, maybe I will put it up tomorrow. I still need to finish crocheting a bunch of items to ship out before XMAS EEEEEEEP!!!!!

      We have a pink one! I just got it last year :).

      • Miranda


        I know!! I still have a bunch of items I need to finish for orders too. @_@

        Are you going to post pictures of your tree? I would love to see it! 😀

        • DEFINITELY! If I ever get it up! HAHa.

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