All Aboard!

Tiffany and Daniel invited us to party that they and their friends were throwing on the S. S. Jeremiah O’Brien on Saturday night. We got there REALLY late, because Hairy had to work at the gallery, and Manda and I still had to put together some kind of costume to wear, sewing on buttons and cutting out collars at the last minute. Everything turned out fine, and we had so much fun trying to take a million pictures during the last hour of the party! Costumes: success! Except, for some reason, my nylons were REALLY SHINY.

Here are my fav photos:

Tiff made her own mermaid costume! I’m sad Hairy didn’t get the bottom of her costume with the mermaid tail!

That’s us trying to mimic some mannequins at F21 we saw earlier that day!

Outfits: (we tried to buy pieces that would be usable even after Halloween)
$5 sailor hats from some shop online that we sewed golden bows and buttons to.
Dresses: H&M, and we added gold buttons from JoAnn Fabrics
Coats: Converse All Star from Target
Collars: pieces of fabric cut out about 5 minutes before we left the house

Here’s a video of us exploring the ship!

And I’ll put the rest of the photos behind a cut!

Here are some failed jumping photos! It was really hard to time the jumps because it was actually really dark and the camera didn’t know what the heck it was shooting. At the end we just kept jumping up and down over and over again and I couldn’t stop laughing!

15 Comments on “All Aboard!”

  • Kelly


    Yay, I’m the first to comment! You guys are super cute sailors! Too bad Manda had to wear Jean shorts. Twinkie I see your in a dress without jeans! You look great!

    • I’m wearing black bloomers underneath!! The dresses were really too short to not wear something underneath….not ladylike 😛

      • Lilly


        Oh of course! You have to wear something underneath, obviously atleast underwear haha I mean too bad the dresses weren’t long enough. Bloomers are very ladylike. You guys do it with class, Twinkie.

  • Cute happy pictires! Your costumes are really cute. Love the stripes and the hats.

  • Shell


    I absolutely love your shoes .. they are adoreable 🙂

  • Christine


    Twinkie! Where did you get your neato shoes?! I love them.

  • That face you made at me still hella cracks me up!

    • You can only smile so many times. Then your face takes over and you never know what you’re gonna get!

  • Alicia


    I LOVE your shoes! Where did you get them?

  • Spokhette


    I was a mermaid this year too!! Apparently it was a very popular costume.

  • Berryvox


    I keep imagining ghosts wandering around on that ship thinking, “What the hell?!?” as they pass you. Haha!

    You’re all adorable!

    • Fo’ real! I can’t believe the alive people would still let us randoms wander around the ship like that!

  • Angi


    I love that if I use the scroll roller on my mouse fast it looks like ya’ll are dancin!

  • Ellyssa


    Bahaha I love the part where Harry says “hubba hubba” while your going up the ladder. Such cute dresses, love the buttons.

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