The Corn Maze


There’s me and TiffanyStar after escaping a corn maze. I think our photographic awkwardness rivals that of me and Shrinkle. Is it me? I will come AwkwardBomb YOUR photos!


Last weekend, a bunch of us ate mac n cheese at Homeroom and then caravanned to Pleasanton to go to Pirates of Emerson and check out some haunted houses.

I think we managed to go through all 4 haunted houses, plus the “Mental Maze,” and also THE CORN MAZE! It was pretty much really dark over there, so I tried to get audio snippets of us stuck in the corn maze. I didn’t get video or pics in the haunted houses because I figured the ghouls and escaped prisoners wouldn’t appreciate it. I don’t normally do the haunted house thing, but it was good times, except for all the fog machine air making my nose feel stuffy!



More Halloween fun after the weekend! Don’t get too excited. I don’t really have time to put much thought into a fancy costume!

oh p.s. one of my customers is eBaying her whipped cream scarf. Get it!

2 Comments on “The Corn Maze”

  • Angela


    Looks like fun! You are too stinking cute. You know that??

  • kimmi


    I’ll be wearin my ghost cream shirt to my haunted house adventure tonight! Nobody knows what they are supposed to be though 🙁

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