Peter Pan

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you might be familiar with my love for peter pan collars on dresses and shirts.

One of my bday presents from Hairy was this detachable peter pan collar by bepixielated on Etsy. Check out her cute shop!

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7 Replies to “Peter Pan”

  1. MaDonna says:

    CUTE, TWINKLES. you can pull it off!!

  2. chinamommy says:

    so cute!! isn’t peter pan the boy that refused to grow up? i like his philosophy!!

  3. Tamz says:

    It’s like you’re wearing an invisible dress.. *gasp*

  4. Amie says:

    How adorable! Thanks for showing us her etsy shop, I’ll be purchasing soon!! 😀

  5. Momoko says:

    This collar is just too cute! I have to buy one from that shop 😉

  6. Naomi says:

    This is so cute!!!

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