I spent a lot of time in estrogen today. Manda and I went to Esther’s farewell-and-take-all-of-my-clothes champagne brunch. We brought cupcakes from Let’s Cupcake. It was a gathering of ladies eating and trying on Esther’s clothing she was giving away before moving to the UK. Afterward, Manda and I hit up the Pika Pika in Japantown. Manda had prepared for this and brought her Care Bear kigurumi, so I grabbed my hamster kigu, and off we went!

We did one set with normal clothes, and one set with our giant pajamas. DAMN, IT WAS HOT!!! I was sweaty and apologizing for stinking in my humongous fleece onesie with no proper ventilation. Sorry these are kinda washed out. I think we should avoid the super bright setting on the photobooths, and also, we got them enlarged via scanner, and I am sure that did not help with the lack of Manda’s eyebrows either.

I think my favorite is the one on the camel. We ran out of time and couldn’t decorate it, but it truly needed no decoration!

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15 Replies to “Purikura!”

  1. manami says:

    aww:) i miss those:) i used to take them a lot when i was in japan:) your lucky!!:)

  2. sylvette marie says:

    I love japan its on my next trip

  3. jacci says:

    i have that same hamster suit! and yes, it’s like a personal sauna when you wear it 🙂

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      At least we will be ok during the nuclear winter.

  4. Jenee Nicole says:

    Every time I see someone with a hamster suit, I get jealous. Which is more strange, wanting the hamster suit or how many other people I see with one? Lol.

  5. chinamommy says:

    those are HILARIOUS!!!!

  6. MaDonna says:

    OMG Don’t get the hamster! I wanna purikura with youuuuuuu. I should scan mine in, there are some funnies for sure.

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      OMG somebody needs to learn japanese so that can follow the directions properly!!!!

  7. Those pjs are awesome!!!

  8. Ekto-Kim says:

    Sweet pics…we don’t have any purikura machines here in my hometown 🙁 but I have seen a few in Japan/Tokyo, went there last year.
    Love to read your blog!

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      Aw bummer!!!!! Yeah I’ve only ever done it here in SF and also in LA!

      1. Maylanie says:

        OMG these are so great!!! I live about 2 hrs from LA but sometimes me and my BF like to trek there for the day. Where are the Purikura booths in LA? (If you don’t mind me asking…)

        1. Twinkie Chan says:

          I have only been to one in LA, in a suburb nearish to Disneyland called Westminster at this random Asian-y gift shop in a random Asian-y strip mall. Sorry I’m not more help. I don’t know LA that well! There has got to be one downtown in Little Tokyo!

  9. Emily says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!! Yeah, the camel is pretty awesome! I need to find something like this and take pics with my boys!

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