WIWT: My Old Lady Outfit

Hairy called this my “old lady outfit,” kitties and roses!

I have a really bad addiction to clothes by I’m Your Present. I have a disease!!!

Shirt & Hair bow: I’m Your Present, Shorts: F21, Tights: Celeste Stein

4 Comments on “WIWT: My Old Lady Outfit”

  • Charity


    This outfit is painfully cute. I love it so much.

  • Hi!

    I Love your tights! they are very pretty(:

    Hope you have an awesome week full of inspiration and banana pie(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  • MaDonna


    So pretty!! I have rose tights, too, but they are multicolor! I want all rosy.

    I love I’m Your Present, but out of my budget 🙁 I do love my sweetheart earrings, though.

  • If that’s an old lady outfit, I hope I’m half as stylish when I’m an old lady!

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