Gardening Galoshes

I thought I would share some snaps from our backyard. When we first moved in, the yard was a complete wreck. There was a huge slab of old, beat up concrete in the middle and tons of overgrown trees and shrubs. Branches of one really big tree were so heavy and overgrown that they almost dropped back down to the ground. Last year, we had a gardener come in and trim everything, leaving the backyard very bare and hideous. But I don’t have a green thumb and didn’t feel like putting much effort into that area. Besides, it’s the dogs’ toilet!!!

Anyway, my mom has begun a campaign to beautify the garden. The concrete is still out there, but we are getting quotes for removing it and maybe putting in a little bit of lawn, or maybe just newer concrete. I dunno. Right now it’s like putting flowers into a prison yard, but the pops of color are actually nice. We had a 4th of July bbq and ate for the first time back there after putting all the plants in that day. We still need to go to the nursery and buy more! My favorites are our new blueberry bush, our weird muppet-like fern, and the flower arrangements I put together in pots. Having to water the new transplants every day was wrecking my shoes and my pants, so I pulled my cupcake rainboots out of the closet, and they are now my trusty gardening galoshes!

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  • kimmi


    I used to go to nordstroms weekly and drool over those rainboots!! Never did get them wahhh. The flowers look purdy!

    • I would never have bought them for myself since I live in California, and it’s not really necessary to have rain boots… but my sister in law got them for me a few years ago!

  • Ellyssa


    That garden is BEAUTIFUL! For not having a green thumb, this garden looks amazing. THOSE GALOSHES ARE THE SOOOO FRIGGIN CUTE! I so wantt. Where did you get those rainboots? I love all the photos. U r good at photographing. I love the first 2 pics of the flowers.

  • We had artificial turf in our yard when we first moved in (it was a new house that already had landscaping) and since having a dog, we removed it and bought some rolls of ‘roll-on’ lawn. Not sure if that’s a thing for you guys in the US or not!
    But yeah. For us it made sense since we didn’t want to spend a whole lot of cash and time on growing lawn from seed or planting our own. It ended up being $7 per roll so we spent under $40 all up. I figure if it gets too ratty and dead in the Summertime, we can always pull it up and replace with newer stuff!

    I’m a recent convert to gardening and the great outdoors, even after growing up on a large property with garden crazy parents. I’ve just caught on at age 30! A good way to relax and take 10 mins out of your work schedule to get your hands dirty.

    • We have the roll on lawn here in the US, too! We were just afraid that the dog pee would ruin the grass super quick!

      I can’t say that I have the patience for gardening. It seems to time consuming and kind of a commitment 😛

      I’m already accidentally killing one of my house plants and I can’t figure out why !!! hehehe

  • amber


    i love love love that furry green penis/octopus/marijuana looking plant! i have no idea what it is! i wish we had them here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jeaaalous.

  • Jules Chan


    Wow, its looking lovely : ) Good ol’ mum! Word of advice – keep on top of those 4 leaf clover weeds, they can take overrrrr!!!

  • Cate


    I love those wellies they’re adorable xoxo

  • Patty


    super cute boots. Do you have a green thumb? Everything I touch dies…

  • Katie K


    You planted SIDESHOW BOB in your garden!

  • Mandi


    Wow! What on earth is that plant in the second to last photo? It’s super cute!!

  • Sylvette Marie


    I have a backyard too in my house my doggie is so trained when i wake up she goes out strait to the backyard and do the 1&2 there LOL I took her again in the afther noon and now she barly use the doggie pads. Beside my plants are very green and colorfuls no wonder why jjjj.

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