Cherry Pie

No, I’ve never baked a real cherry pie. Crochet version will have to do!

I actually started this like a year go and stuffed it onto the “finish me” shelf. The woven top took FOREVS to sew on. I need to think about a different way to approach it to keep the cost down. Oh wait. I just thought of one. Note to self!!!!

I am going to put this up on Etsy next week. I’m considering doing a limited pre-/custom order on it. I can also offer bluberry pie! Like I might list 5 available and ask for 2-3 weeks to ship the order. What do you think?

Also coming soon: more burger mitts!

34 Comments on “Cherry Pie”

  • I think it friggin rox! And Im sure the 5 will sell out as soon as you list it! LOVE!

  • Brigitte


    Aww, I love it :3 too wonderful and sweet!

  • kimmi


    oh lordy lord i just might have to attempt to snatch this one up! Thank god I have allergies because that would make for my 4TH cozie!

    • Haha you’re my hero!! It’s my dream to gather a bunch and just have a craft show booth selling only tissue cozies. But honestly, they don’t do that well at craft fairs…it is just my own personal dream πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

      • kimmi


        That’s sad to hear because they are my absolute favorite item of yours, I loved when you displayed them on cake stands! IT’S THREE DIMENSIONAL FAKE FOOD! WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?? BUY THESE THINGS PEOPLE!! πŸ˜€

      • kimmi


        I just thought of why I need this pie cozie even more…my new apartment has a window over the sink and I keep saying “IM GONNA COOL MY PIES ON THAT LEDGE!!”

  • amber


    theres this fabric glue out that i’ve recently tried, i’ve already put a personal garment through the wash multiple times and it hasn’t budged! it holds on these crazy heavy roses i sewed from fabric with a giant pearl in the middle.. atm i don’t remember the name, but it dries clear. i’ll let you know what its called later. seriously i love it.

    • I’m definitely curious!! I always feel bad if I have to use glue…. like it’s cheap or a cop-out. But sometimes it seems like the discount on labor is worth it for customers!

      • amber


        i wouldn’t feel bad. i don’t use it often, mostly to hold together knots or small pieces and things. but honestly, if you do it right, no one will even know the difference!

  • I was just telling someone the other day how cherry pie is my favorite pie! This is too cute!

  • Kelsey


    Oooh, I would definitely pre-order one if I can get to it in time! I love the cake ones, too.

  • Lydia


    Awesome! So clever, the tissue looks like a dollop of whipped cream ^_^

  • jacci


    i love it!
    i’m a huge fan of functional art.

  • Dee


    I fluves it and would certainly get one. Must list more than five pleaz!

    • I don’t want to end up taking a month to ship out orders, so we’ll see how quickly the 5 go and get shipped out first and then maybe list again πŸ™‚

  • Reb


    definatly cute! and I love that your gonna do blueberry also…making pie from scratch isn’t that hard! I bet you & Harry could handle it!

  • sue


    Very cute! I think I will try to make these this year for Xmas presents since I overwhelmed everyone with hats last year. I would be interested to know what the glue is too!

  • Maggi


    This turned out so great, love the idea of a blueberry one! The top is what does it for me, love the crust!

  • Amie


    How sweet! You’re like the mad scientist of crochet!! πŸ™‚ pie is awesome! So are you!

    Amie x

  • nynke jennekens


    this is so perfect and sweet and nice.
    maybe we will have a box like that here soon πŸ™‚

  • This is totally cute! Maybe make a strawberry one, too. Is this a tissue box holder? It looks like a tissue is the whipped cream. (There is an idea, if it’s not already!)

    • Yes, with all the cake cozies, the tissue always hopefully looks like the whipped cream πŸ™‚

  • Michele


    OMG! Cute! I bet grabbing a tissue to blow your nose from this cozy would make you hungry. *crickets*


  • Grima Horn


    This is just amazing! You do just the most interesting and creative work! I always love seeing what you are working on! Thanks for posting a link to your blog for us!

  • Robbin


    I’m a huge fan of “Pushing Dasies” and Ned is “the pie maker” in the show. Love Ned & love (keylime) pie!!

    Saw the photo of Twinkie’s pie cover and LUV IT!! πŸ™‚

  • Amber


    Yay for burger mitts!!!

  • YAY! BURGER MITTS! IVE WANTED THEM FOREVER! By the way I saw at the kittens and ice cream party, but it was too crowed in there to even go over and talk to you and then I just had to leave. πŸ™

  • Emily


    I’ve been waiting for more tissue cozies from you! i want one big time for my kitchen!!!! Weeeee!

  • ooooooh!!! i am a huge fan of the tissue box cozies. i have all these weird cat oness that my aunt made for me when i was little, out of plastic canvas! hahaha!

  • Summer


    I just got your burger mits in the mail today and love love love them! You are just super awesome, keep up the great work!

  • sandy


    Hi Twinkie Chan!

    Would you recommend using hot glue instead of weaving/sewing pieces together?

    • I really like hot glue, but I’m not sure who it holds up in the wash, and I like for pieces like this to be washable πŸ™‚

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