Too much technology.

Ok, I tend to dabble with new technologies very very late (e.g. my one night with Polyvore), and they don’t often stick.

Everyone has been posting their Instagram photos, so I thought I would download the free app and check it out. I’m not really friends with my iPhone so I don’t know how much I will tinker with this thing. I don’t even really know how to find or add people yet, but I’m twinkiechan on there if that means anything to anyone out there! 😛

I just decided to randomly take a picture of whatever was right in front of my face. This pile of stuff is sitting on a cake stand right behind my laptop!

7 Comments on “Too much technology.”

  • Mary


    Looks like the cover of a vintage crochet book 😛 Cute!

  • Nhi


    Instagram is pretty interesting actually. I’ll add you, I’m Bunnhi on there :3

  • Seraveza


    Ohh im super addicted to this app. Pumped that you downloaded it.
    Adding you now~ Add Seraveza (Its in the profile section)
    Pee.Ess: Also~ Catpaint. Its hilarious. <3

  • brandy


    what a adorable thing to have a cakestand

    • I have a couple I use at local craft fairs!!!

      Some of them are just plates with candle sticks glued underneath 😉

  • chinamommy


    ummm, technology passed this mama by YEARS ago…8 track tapes anyone?

    • hehheheh the only real reason i try to keep up is for promotional purposes!! gotta stay in touch with the cool kids!

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