Covered in Candy

I have been browsing the athinalabella shop on Etsy for a little while now, and I finally asked if she could make me a custom Twinkie Chan necklace. She also then surprised me with a custom TWINKIE knuckle duster! SO sweet! Literally!!!

You should check out her shop. What I like is that she takes resin jewelry and then goes a bit crazy with it. I love her really over the top pieces!


Custom Candy Tiaras. I WANT ONE!!!

Gummy Love Bracelet

16 Comments on “Covered in Candy”

  • Crystal


    i love her stuff too! i had one of her necklaces as my phone background for a long time just because its SO CUTE!!

    • It was hard to pick just one thing to get!

  • alita



  • Jenny Whoo


    Just started browsing the shop….cuteness OVERLOAD! Definitely going back to take a closer look! That was really sweet of her to make you the matching ring, too!

  • Sylvette Marie


    Im a Big fan of her. I always see her shop to see whats new. I love the ring pop and the hello kitty necklace. Her photos are very PoP Colorful.

  • Kimberly


    I always see her stuff. So in love with it. Havent decided what to buy yet.

  • Catherine


    Loving your knuckle duster!!!!!!

  • Cate


    Oh wow I love them, I’ve been meaning to get some resin so I can have a play around with it xoxo

    • Yeah I’m really curious about resin!! But don’t need another hobby to take up room and time!!! hehehhe

  • Mary


    Her layering techniques and creating her own molds from actual candy are meritable as well. She’s been in my favorites for a while, but I get lost in her shop whenever I visit! I have a few things on my wishlist 😛

    • I didn’t know she made her own molds. My hero!

  • chinamommy


    WOW!! Those are SOooooooo cute! I’ve tried resin before and it’s not so easy which makes me ever more impressed with her work! Off to check her shop out 🙂

    • Yeah I have definitely seen some funky/yucky looking resin jewelry in a shop. you can really tell the good from the bad!

  • brandy


    omg, genius! i need custom pinkzombies bling@!! *o*

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