I wish I were a HAT person!

My hair goes in a cycle.

A few days after a cut, it freaks out a little and looks kinda bad.

Then it relaxes and is awesome for a few a month or two.

Then it starts to grow out and look hideous and I think about cutting it.

Then it somehow starts to look good again cuz I figured out another way to style it.

Then it looks bad again cuz all the layers are completely funky.

I have been able to cycle in and out of okay hair and terrible hair for quite some time now, but the last week or so has been rough!! I know it’s just hair, but bad hair can really bum you out!!

I keep thinking it’s time for getting it chopped again. I almost cut my bangs myself earlier today, but held back and ended up sticking everything up in clips.

I hope we don’t have to see anybody tonight!! HEhehhe.

In work news: I have been a busy busy little bee, and I can’t wait to show you all pictures of everything. I’ll be able to post photos of some cute stuff after Jan. 27! I need to overnight everything tomorrow so today is workworkwork!

While playing with ideas for this project, I ended up developing a cute felted belt! I will probably develop this belt idea further and post a few on Etsy. It won’t necessarily be food-related, but just a cute piece that I would want to wear myself. But felting things has become more tedious since I can no longer do it in my washing machine (we have a front-loader now!), so I probably won’t make that many. We’ll see. I’m focusing on some cute Valentine’s Day ideas this weekend. I am also working on adding to my Twinkie Chan team so I can have more fun goodies in the Etsy shop more consistently!

Sorry for all this text!

If you’ve made it this far, here are some cute pics of a baby chinchilla and its mommy I saw in a pet store the other day. I was surprised that chinchillas would still breed in a pet store environment. They always seemed so sensitive and fragile to me.

17 Comments on “I wish I were a HAT person!”

  • Briana


    such cute chinchillas! (I love your unicorn t shirt! *_*) oh goodness it sounds like a hair hell you are going through!

  • Brianna


    I know how ya feel with the hair thing, havnt cut mine since June, except I DID cut my bangs myself, a word of advice; ITS NOT WORTH IT, lol, trust me XD

    • Hehe I cut my bangs a lot when I had shorter bangs!!!

  • Caitlin


    Your hair looks really cute like that! I love the headband. But I know what you mean about it getting to a point where it just bugs you to no end.

    • Random: can you let me know if you get an email from wordpress that I just replied to your comment? WE installed this new comment-reply thing, but I don’t think it notifies people when I reply!

  • Dude, I totally get it about your hair. When you have layers it’s like every week, you have to try something different. Bad hair bums me out too πŸ™

  • Andrea


    I was JUST having this problem today! Add in that I have blue streaks and the bleached parts are all broken and uneven. Bleargh.
    Twinkie Chan team?

  • Jacci


    i cut my bangs (in south africa we say fringe) this week, and mistakingly cut my one eyebrow. not such a cool look πŸ™

    • Twinkie Chan!


      OH MY GOSH!!! At least you did not bleed!!!!??? hehe

  • they are so frickin’ antisocial, but so cute, if they were friendlier i would totally get one. How awesoe to see a baby with it’s mommy. I always wanted to breed my pug, but ended up gettting her fix…

    • Twinkie Chan!


      I think Bibi would’ve been such a cute doggie mommy!!!

  • caz


    What part of your hair are your bangs? I don’t believe i’ve heard this term before!! Your hair always looks awesome anywho!!

    aw Chinchilla’s! I would love a chinchilla but I keep getting told I can’t have one πŸ˜› BOO!

    P.S excited to see felted belt!!

  • Shell


    I’m also due for an over due cut which I’m hoping will look better given a couple of weeks ..
    The chins are well cute.. I had 2 named Billy and Cadbury .. they are so cute and friendly but very destructive x

  • Alyssa :)


    Adorable! I’ve been having trouble with my hair lately too. I got 4 inches cut off a few months ago and I really want it back! I want my long hair!
    By the way I love your headband. where did you get it?

    • Twinkie Chan!


      GiantDwarf on Etsy!

  • Kristin


    Where is your headband from? I love it! I love the pink in your hair too. πŸ˜€

    Chinchillas are adorable.

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