A day in the life.

Just a little light online shopping at PurlSoho.com for personal projects later! Mom’s bday is comin’ up soon!

I ordered this after coming home from ImagiKnit, too! Yes, I definitely have a yarn problem! While at ImagiKnit, I bought this amazing sparkly, bulky, slubby, minty green giant skein by a brand called Knit Collage. I went online to check out their site, and I found their blog to be pretty interesting. Not just free patterns and pretty pictures of yarn, but a sneak peek into the life of a small yarn company and sourcing and production and stuff! Pretty neat!

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7 Replies to “A day in the life.”

  1. caz says:

    awww man i see some delishious yarn colours there!! Especially that purple second from bottom!!

    I think i’d have a yarn problem too if there were any decent yarn shops near here….boo poor me πŸ˜›

    Do you know what your going to make your mum?? INTRIGUED πŸ™‚

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      It will definitely be scarf related, but probably not foodie. Just something in color she likes and maybe a few crocheted flower. We’ll see! I’ll post pics when I get to that project! πŸ˜‰

      1. hannah says:

        awww ur poor computer πŸ™
        ps i love the stuff u make!

  2. chinamommy says:

    the yarn addiction starts so fast! At least it’s not like meth and eats your face all up and makes your teeth fall out! I can’t believe how much yarn i have after only 1 year of crocheting….

  3. Maggi says:

    Oooooo beautiful colors, I just love yarn!!! Have fun creating for your mom’s bday!

  4. heyjenrenee says:

    gah, I’ve been drooling over knit collage’s ‘candy cane’ yarn and want some sooo badly! i also love their gypsy garden stuff. WANT!

  5. Amy says:

    hey twinkle! so glad to hear you like the yarn and thanks for posting about us!!! definitely send pics of whatever you knit up, can’t wait to see it. Here’s one we made up mixing the Pixie Dust bulky yarns w/ some skinnier cascade and koigu yarns http://www.knitcollage.com/be-inspired.html?tags=hana-ami+flower+loom
    xo Amy

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