Ice Cream, Pearls, and Bows

Okay, so I went a little crazy on my last order at Refuse To Be Usual. I admit I need a serious shopping hiatus!!! But I really love all the pieces I ordered (including that that strawberry Yum Yums top.)

This ice cream dress doesn’t fit me exactly right. It’s a bit big in the bust/armpit area, plus it is WAY too short for me to wear as a dress. I have it on over jeans. But it is so happy and delightful!!! The bows/pearls are pins so you can put them wherever you want.

You can’t really see my other accessories in these but my sprinkles necklace is Stoopidgerl and my hair bows are 6%dokidoki.

Now I’m going to go cut out some felt while waiting for Hairy to get out of the shower and take the dogs to the dog park!

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  • sylvette



  • Vanessa


    I’m truely in love *__*

    • I am totally addicted to that ebay shop!

  • ee rad! i fell in love with this store and it never ceases to please!

    ohh your etsy is closed! are you working on your baby section? for colette’s new hat wardrobe? LOL

    cute as always! xoxox

    • oh my gosh!! i made a baby hat once. I have no idea how big babies’ heads are!! 😛

  • Kayleigh


    That ain’t too short to wear as a dress! Just get some thick funky leggings 😀 I have a friend who will literally wear anything as a dress, I admire her bravery!

    • I am really not into my butt hanging out of short dresses!! 😛 😛 😛 This is where my bloomers come in!

  • Michelle


    I just wanted to say that you are so cute, I don’t mean that in a weird way, just that I love what you wear and I love your hair.

    • Aw well thank you so much! I appreciate it! 🙂

  • Amy


    Holy shit I’m gonna get that dress too. Then we can be twins!!

    • DOOOO ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! Shrinkie Choan

  • i love refuse to be usual shoes, they go awesome with my lolita apparels.
    6% TokiDoki is amazing neon wonderfulness!! if you had more time i would have recommended you went to their model contest last month

    • I was around for all of that, but didn’t want to apply 😛

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