Stuff for your dog!

Okay, I am a little re-miss in blogging about some of this stuff, sorry Erika!!!!

Anyway last year, Erika sent me some really cute dog collars for Bibi and Bunny. I got cherries for Bibi and leopard print for Bunny. They don’t wear collars around the house (cuz Bibi has sensitive, stinky hound dog skin) and they wear harnesses of various sorts on walks since they are both pullers, so getting a photo of the collars has taken me….well…. since never cuz I SUCK!! AHHHH!!

But anyway, now Erika’s Etsy Shop only has a (very cute) Poptart iphone cozy in it…but maybe if you stay tuned, more cute stuff will appear!!

Also, my very faithful reader Sylvette Marie makes cute things for your pooch as well! Like leashes and costumes. Check out her etsy shop!

Aaaaaand I will share again where I buy Bunny’s sweaters. You get A LOT of choices, and it’s not too expensive. Way better quality than the sweaters I’ve bought at Petco AND everything is custom sized to your dog. They are amazing and I will never buy a doggie sweater from anybody else!!!! RoyalFifi is where it’s at!

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  • Sylvette Marie


    Thanks… Twinkie Chan

    Hugs to Bibi

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