Kalamari Kastle & In Favor of Fuzz!

Hey hey!

I just wanted to share a few fun links with you!

My buddies at KalamariKastle.com just posted some photos and a cute video about JapanLA, and their footage includes some video of Yummy You! items. Check it out!

Also, the fiber blog In Favor of Fuzz recently featured me, and while I was not familiar with the blog beforehand, I started reading previous posts, and it is really cool!

Thanks, ladies!

2 Comments on “Kalamari Kastle & In Favor of Fuzz!”

  • Michelle


    Saw how In Favor of Fuzz mentioned your book coming out and I’m honestly excited about it coming out. I plan to teach myself crochet and got a ton of books for their patterns and your book is on my list of books to get when it comes out along with the new Stitch N’ Bitch book. Looking forward to both of them and can barely wait for them to come out. 🙂 I hope soon to be able to buy from Yummy You and from your Etsy shop to get an original work by you, but until then looking at your book will have to do. 😉

  • denise


    Shirley sayz if your ever not buzy will you make her something preezz

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