J-Pop Summit & L.A. comes for a visit!

A bunch of girls from L.A. who were involved with Sweet Streets 2 & 6%DOKIDOKI fashion show cruised up to S.F. for relaxationz, more 6%DOKIDOKI events, and the J-pop Summit Festival in Japantown.

Above pics are me and iamchubbybunny, and I stole the following photos from her! I had brunch on Friday with her and Shrinkle and Kevin and Caro and Emi. Then they (sans Shrinkle and Kevin) came over to my casa to meet my pups!

On Saturday, Hairy and I hit up the J-Pop Summit at Japantown. I only had an hour to check stuff out cuz I had another family event to go to in the southbay.

photo taken by CalAnime
quick outfit rundown: shoes by EmAndSprout, dress by NicoleLindner, necklaces by 6%DOKIDOKI and CicelyMargo, hair ice creamz by me!

Bazaar Bizarre was there, and I got to visit with Heidi of MyPaperCrane which is always a treat! I also got to see her book!! I just put it in my shopping cart! It’s adorable. I don’t even have kids, and I want the book anyway!

I also got this poster from her:

click if you want to buy!

and a suuuper cute, quilted zipper pouch.

Then we popped over really quick to watch the POCKY EATING CONTEST!!!!!

Contestants tried to eat 10 boxes of Pocky as fast as they could to win a year’s supply of Pocky! Here’s a one minute clip! The host was so funny. He reminded me of Ruby Rhod in the Fifth Element.

Finally, we ran into the New People building, and I bought some sparkly hair bows from 6%DOKIDOKI, pondered buying more of their cute clothing but restrained myself, said hi to Shrinkle and iamchubbybunny and Bei, and then had to hop in the car for family fun times.

Here’s me and Bei. I was very hot and sweaty by this point.

Isn’t she so super cute?!!!?

In house news: I really want to get me a papasan chair.

I’ve wanted one for a long long time, but they kinda take up space, and I never had that space to spare before. I think we have that space now, but Hairy thinks papasan chairs are way lame!??!! What do you think???!? I think they are so super comfy!

p.s. when I was at my family function, someone commented that she keeps up with me via Facebook/my blog entries. I think this is really funny because I started blogging like 10 years ago so that my pals who started moving away for college or jobs or whatever could keep up with my life, but nobody I actually knew in real life ever wanted to read my stupid blog! Hahaha. I’m glad it worked out, after a decade! πŸ˜›

33 Comments on “J-Pop Summit & L.A. comes for a visit!”

  • Sarah


    Ahhh! Papasan chairs are the BEST!!! My boyfriend had one at his old apartment that someone had left behind. When he moved out of that place we were thinking about taking the chair with us, but ended up not doing it because it was too big. Regrets regrets regrets! I still dream about that chair lol! They’re so comfy! <3

    • Aw bummmer!!!

      They do take up so much room, though….

      And now my mom was just like “You never know where you’re going to live next. don’t buy big furniture!” ahhhh!

  • that ice cream hair clip is my jam twinkie!

    • when i get some free time, i wanna make you one!!! what is your favorite flava?

      • mint chocolate chip and chocolate fudge!

  • jennifer


    allot of the papasan chairs come in really mod styles today. plus they are actually really cozy especially is you like to lean back while doing things. i remember over taking those things as a kid and yes they take up room but if you have space its the most inviting place to be in

    • the leaning back issue is a good point….i dunno if i can crochet leaning back!!!!

  • Tanya Williams


    Papasan chairs are cool! Maybe let Hairy pick out some fabric/material with a hip pattern and you could make slip covers for the cushions.

    • I think he overall just thinks the concept is hideous!

  • Kokeshi


    10 boxes of pocky in one minutes? Pfff, easy peasy.

    • you should have come and beat all those boys! πŸ™‚

  • Sylvette Marie


    bibi is so cute

    • i tell her she is cute like a million times a day!

  • I have had a lot of round chair-y accidents in my past hahah! If the round bit isn’t actually attached to the bottom frame (they make them like that for some reason), it can result in a lot of flipping accidents!

    It was SO nice to see you! I’m working on my SF post but it’s hard when I took uhhh 400 pictures over the course of 4 days Lol…

    Hope I can visit again soon <3333 Thanks again for the ice cream topper thing! I keep showing it to people wherever I go like a crazy person! haha!

    • Dude, your SF post(s) were mega major!!!!

      Hehe sorry about giving you a half-finished item!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  • Love the doggies! OMG I LOVED my papasan chair! i had forgotten all about it! AAAAH! YAY!

    • i’ve never had one, but i’ve sat in them and never wanted to leave!

  • seriously, could bibi GET any cuter?!

    there needs to be a photo of bibi wearing an ice cream bauble. just sayin’. πŸ™‚

    • because you said that…. i will be taking a very funny picture very soon….

  • Caz


    The chai is a huge win i think you should do it DO IT!!!!! Also…what’s a Pocky? I don’t think iv ever heard of such a thing…could you shed some light plase?? πŸ˜›

    Thank you πŸ™‚

    • It’s a japanese snack that is like a small crackery stick dipped in chocolate!

  • kelly


    papasan chair = womb chair
    get it, they rock πŸ™‚

  • Lindsay Gibson


    those ice creams you made for your head are completely adorbz!!

    also, we had one of those papasan chairs when i was very little and i always remembered it lovingly. i had no idea they were still being made. i say buy one! πŸ˜€

    • I have always seen them at Pier 1 throughout the years and walked past them longingly!! get one for your new office!! heheh

  • Michelle


    Oh it’s a total must have on the papasan chair! My friend had one and I always crawled into it when I went over. I want one so bad in my house. And LOVE the pups, also put a smile on my face. And loved your outfit, you always look so cute. πŸ™‚

    • thank you thank you!!!

      the pups always make me smile, too. i guess that’s how they earn their keep πŸ˜›

  • Jacci


    I love your pink bunny shoes!
    I’m heading over to emandsprout’s etsy page to shop πŸ˜€

    • yay! did you get any? i just got another pair to replace the black kitty shoes i already beat up! πŸ˜›

  • Annais


    I just bought that exact chair! Very comfy! I love it!

    • I can’t decide what color would even work in my livingroom. it is SOOO green right now!

      • Annais


        Well red and green together and are soothing to the eye because they are opposite on the color wheel! I would have gotton red but they didn’t have any left so I got a neutral zebra.

  • love!!!!!!!!! your ice cream clips…NEED!

  • Elysse


    I have a papasan chair in my house right now. I approve!

    But, I personally don’t think youll need the matching foot rest (if you sit like I do, that is!). Its so much nicer to curl up into the chair! What’s the point in sitting in a bowl if you are going to stick your legs out?

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