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Thought I would share my work from today before I have to stop showing you guys for a bit. I have to work on a top secret surprise project next, and the pieces are way too recognizable to show you peeks!

I needed to use my mint green yarn for the cupcake bottoms, but I had half a mint-chip ice cream scoop still in the works, so I decided to just finish the ice cream scoop before using the yarn for the cupcakes! So those are two separate projects kinda smushed together.

The cupcake scarf is for a video (or two) that I will be shooting in the next few days. Fun fun fun!

6 Comments on “Today’s Workspace”

  • This made my morning! now Ill be smiling when i get to work! hee hee! XO

  • Jacci


    love the mint chip ice cream scoop!

  • so i’m a bit jealous that your workspace is just that: a work SPACE. mine is currently a room (at least, i think it is….i haven’t seen evidence of an existing floor in ages!)filled to the brim with crafty stuff, musical instruments, and pez dispensers. perhaps someday i will actually use it…. 🙂

  • I haven’t been able to crochet in a while. I miss it. 🙁

  • I can’t wait for the ice cream scoop hair goods to pop up in your Etsy shop! They looked so cute at Sweet Streets!

  • Caz


    You mug looks awfully cute…I can just feel it in my bones haha! awww your cupcakes are so sweet, I wish i could do stuff like that!!

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