Don’t Anger the Elephant

Angry Elephant

Hairy and I are back from Minnesota! We were at his cousin’s wedding. I will have a lil video for it maybe tomorrow, but tonight I want to catch up on work!

On our way to my parents’ house to pick up the pups, we stopped by Michael’s really quick. We saw some pith helmets & animal hats, and then we ran into the plastic-plants section to hide in the jungle and snap a pic. Good times! I’m the elephant who has been held in captivity too long and is going on a rampage!

Son, this safari’s been CORRECTED. *elephant sounds*

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6 Replies to “Don’t Anger the Elephant”

  1. chinamommy says:

    hahaha, my daughter (your twin), loves those hats and has to try on EVERY single one EVERY time we go to Michael’s! She’s 6 but don’t let that make you sad, I’ve been known to try them on too!

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      Someone I know bought a bunch of them to wear to a bachelorette party!

  2. mel says:

    mwahaha, peanuts can’t help you now!

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      elephant wants FLESH!!

  3. Those hats are too cute ^_^
    P.s I have done a Saturday likes post on your lovely crochet crafts, just to let you know.
    You are such an inspiration!

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      Aw thanks so much!!! I really appreciate it! 😉

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