Las Vegas Hookers: We want YOU!

I wasn’t sure whether to post this in my blog or not, but heck, here I go!

I am looking for another crochet helper or two, based in Las Vegas. Why Las Vegas? My right-hand lady, Rita, lives in Vegas, and will be managing a Vegas crochet posse for Twinkie Chan. Rita has worked with me for a few years, is a delight, knows what I like, and is trying to help me keep my Etsy store more regularly stocked with goodies!!

Customers: fear not. All designs are still 100% mine (I’m too much of a control freak to have it any other way!). All items will still go through me and will be shipped by me. I put finishing touches on a lot of the items, and I still create whole items myself all the time. But, you can see how empty my shop is at the mo, so we need a little help ;). I also want to devote more time to designing new and exciting items, but have old favorites for sale simultaneously!

Interested hookers: again, please be in the Las Vegas area. This will make it easier for Rita to keep everything organized! Please email me at twinkiedink at gmail dot com, and I will forward everything to Rita. I would love to know a little about you, what kinds of stuff you like, favorite foods, favorite TV shows, etc, anything! If you blog or have a Flickr album with pics of your work, please include those as well. If you could also include about how much time you’d be able to devote to helping us out, that would be awesome, too! I know everyone has a life and a full-time job, but I also know that some of us like to be busy all the time and crochet in front of our evening TV!

Speaking of ETSY, I DO have a bunch of fun items coming soon!! We have just been traveling so much, that it is difficult for me to finish all the items, but they will be adorable, and I will do my best to have them up this week. This weekend, we will be in Minneapolis for Hairy’s cousin’s wedding. I will get to see the Mall of America!! Hehe.

Everyone else should go to the sparkle-fest that is occurring in celebration of JapanLA’s 4th anniversary extravaganza!

17 Comments on “Las Vegas Hookers: We want YOU!”

  • chinamommy


    dang, nothing good like THIS happens in Michigan…. well, we do have the art festival in Ann Arbor & the Art Prize in Grand Rapids, but still….:(
    i’m making a crochet skirt (from the happy hooker book). i’m a newbie but am LOVING it!! you are my muse

    • I’ve never crocheted a skirt before! You’ll have to tell me about the finished product!

  • Kimmie


    d’oh, I wish I was a Vegas hooker….alas, I live in Georgia. sigh…

  • Willow_wantz


    If you ever want to do anything in SW Florida gimme a shout! Las Vegas hookers…How cute.

  • Katie


    I am currently being taught by my bestie rita, she even bought me the set of hooks to teach me lol. i love your work and am trying to learn so maybe sometime soon i can be a helper elf like rita…oh wait a vegas hooker! haha anywho, cute blog! love reading them….had to comment on this cuz i do live in vegas!! yippie!

    • Hi, Katie! You’re the only Vegas hooker who responded to this blog request!!!! Hehehhehe. You and Rita and Kat are the only crocheters in town apparently! šŸ˜› šŸ˜› šŸ˜› Luv that you and Rita are crafting together! Wish my bestie had time to learn, too!

  • Shelbi


    Oh no! I live in Nor Cal. Boo.

      • Shelbi


        Fairfield. Wow, I almost typed “California.” =.= Ahah.

  • rach


    dammm!!!!!!! in live in tn and i would love to work for u!!!!!!!!

    • Aw, you’re so sweet!! Maybe one day!! I gotta start slow or else my brainz will exlode! šŸ˜‰ Thank you!!!!

  • Amanda


    When you’re interested in having New England hookers, let me know! šŸ™‚

  • Heidi


    Working for Twinkie Chan would be a dream come true! Unfortunately I live in PA. I’ll be the first in line if you decide to expand all the way over to the East Coast!

    • There’s a lot of you over on the other side of the country! šŸ˜‰

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