I’m allergic to kitties.

When I was little, I used to sleep on my Auntie Nita’s cat, Nel. Somewhere along the way, I became terribly allergic to cats!!! Also, now I’m always afraid they will scratch me! Cat owners seem to to often have little scratches all over their hands, and I am not a fan!  I am definitely a dog person fo’ life. They are higher maintenance, but I know where there claws are at…

Anyway, today, I am wearing my new kitty necklace from I’m Your Present. My Auntie Vivi in Hong Kong has like 8 cats, and that is where I fell in love with FLAT FACED KITTIES!! I have begged Manda to get one, but she things they are ug. Sad. I <3 the flat face. But if I lived with a cat, both Hairy and I would die of facial snot explosions.

(2nd one is Kelly’s photo)

Also, here is a page from my notebook from when I was trying to figure out how I would decorate the robot coffee cup cozie!

I have to do a TON of drawing this weekend for lots of secret stuff!!

(Okay, upon further thought, I feel the need to point out that I don’t trust all dogs. That’s just silly. There are evil/mis-treated ones as well, and they can totally effing maul you. Espesh the off-leash pitbull who was roaming an Oakland neighborhood street and kept barking and pacing along the sidewalk we were walking on. That was scary. I’m just saying, my pets are dogs. That’s all! I know there are nice cats, too. Okay, bye.)

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  • cristy


    i volunteer at an animal shelter. i love dogs to death and hate it when i see that some are mistreated and develop a defensive personality. my sister used to have cats. they were oober cute, but we all ended up allergic to them as well. =[

    pits only have a bad reputation bc of the mistreatment they go through =[

  • cristy


    btw, yay for robot items. lol 🙂

  • Mike


    My cat is de-clawed so unless she grabs onto my arm and starts slashing with her back claws (which she has done before) I don’t get scratched. But I also shy away from anything that might cause her to scratch me because someone once asked me if I was a cutter from a few scratches I had on my arm.

  • Catriona


    I’m sorry but I HAVE to say something..


    If the cat is attacked how is it supposed to defend it self?
    Cats will scratch at objects to mark their territory & to remove any dead skin, plants seeds etc from their fur. Also simply to scratch an itch!
    Without their claws the cannot do this!
    How would you function without your nails?

    Yeah, I get asked about the scratches I have from my cat, (I have lots as he does the nuzzling, pawing thing PLUS I used to self harm as a kid & even tho it was over 10 years ago, people will still jump to conclusions a LOT) but its worth it for the love & companionship Ginge gives me.
    Its the price you pay for being a cat owner.

    Mike you should be ashamed of yourself & the vet that did the procedure should be struck off!

    Sorry for ranting Twinkie…..please forgive me but I feel it had to be said.

    • Mike


      My cat came to me de-clawed so I have nothing to be ashamed of.

      I don’t believe it is animal cruelty but this is my opinion.

      To each their own.

  • Holly


    I loooooove dogs, but I am allergic to them :/ My second mom has 4 dogs and I have to take medication like 3 days a week when I go to her house, I hate it.

    • oh no 🙁 i would be sooooo bummmed if i found out i was allergic to dogs!!!

      i am actually a little bit allergic to something. when i play with them, espesh Bibi, i sometimes get litttle hives all over my arms, but they go away after a little bit and are not a big deal.

  • L.A.Dez


    I love the robot drawings! Excited for them to come out!

  • Tamz


    Woo robot doodles! (not robot penises mind you but doodles as in sketches) bet your sketchbook is full of little drawings.

    Got to love the old flat faced kitties. They just look so pompous and royal. I’d never get one too.

    Long live Bibi!

    • HAHHHA pompous is a good description for them!

  • Nikki G


    I use to own a cat when i was little but found i was allergic to all other cats, we thought it was just that i got use to my cats hair and stuff but then 3 years ago i fell asleep at a friends house and when i woke his cat was all curled up next to me, and i didn’t sneeze once. Yet all other cats i’ve come into contact with since have made me sneeze. Go figure!

  • Michelle


    Very cute necklace. Bummer about being allergic to them. We have a cat and her claws worry me too. My sister gets the worse of it. I prefer dogs all the way. And I totally get why you love your girls. They are too cute. 🙂

  • Haeri


    I would not be able to get away with wearing that necklace. People think I’m too much of a crazy cat lady as it is. It would be like a religious fanatic with a giant cross necklace: more scary than cute.

    • AHahahahahh :). I know a crazy cat lady and whenever I go out shopping, I want to buy EVERYTHING cat-related for her!!

  • Crystal


    Thanks for putting me on to imyourpresent’s etsy site. I spent way too much money and am having a hard time not spending more!!!

    • 😉 i have been going on a spending spree there since getting a regular paycheck again. very naughty!

  • mopsy


    My cats tend to run from everyone but me. It sucks to be allergic to anything because I’m allergic to pollen. You’d probably be especially allergic to my baby, Lo, because she has long hair. But she is sooooo cuddly once she gets to trust you. Btw to answer to other comments, I’m against de-clawing too. But if someone gets a kitty already de-clawed, what can you do?

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