Would Love Feedback from You Guys!

Hey Gang,

I’m gearing up for the New People event and am wondering about sumthinsumthin! Would love to know your thoughts!

Pouchy Preference! from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

The Gods Who Decide Which Shot to Use for Movie Previews are never kind to me, are they? Sheesh! Snaggletooth much?

I’ve also been working on my ruffley salad scarflette. Here’s where it was at last night. Today I’ve been building on the ruffles and making them BIGGER! There’s almost two skeins of Malabrigo in this sucker right now!!!!

Ok I just took a pic of the bigger version:

I’m still going to edge the leaves in dark green, and then maybe add some radishes and tomatoes! It still doesn’t look that much bigger in the picture. But if I keep adding to the leaves, this thing will weigh a kajillion pounds!

I’m also eager to try making the waffle cowl I’ve always wanted! I need to pick yarn for it! (Oh no….MORE YARN SHOPPING…..). But I guess having the perfect color and perfect weight and perfect texture are more important to me than using up the old stash. Onward!

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  • Hey twink,

    I am a huge fan. I will be honest here so don’t hate me.

    I love love love the little bag, I’m not a huge fan of gold, so I don’t think I’d like the larger one, plus with the world in like tight money mode, I think the smaller one may be more affordable.

    I love the color of the little one, I love that it could be a makeup bag, a clutch or a little pen bag.

    way cute. Your work is so awesome, your one creative cookie ya know!

    • I agree. I tend to like the plain zipper pouches, but I also love things that I don’t have to actually hold in my hand! I think I will make maybe one purse, but a bunch of pouches!

  • Sharla


    I love the first one, I like clutches better and it’s awesome because you can stick it in your purse and use it more than the purse-purse one! Super cute wish I could afford one! 🙂

    • I feel the same, though I get torn because I really like having something cute to throw over my shoulder if I’m going out at night and don’t want a huge purse!

  • Jess


    I like the clutches better! Zips are just so easy-peasy, and I like the idea of throwing it into a bigger bag (which I inevitably need!) I feel like you’d get more use out of the clutch than the bag–you’d probably only use the purse on fancy days when you aren’t carrying much. 🙂

    • I hear you!!! I just always like to switch to a small purse when I go out at night. So if we are in a crowded bar or something, I don’t have a giant Betsey tote bag to swing around!! 😛

  • Twinkie, could you put a little strap on the pouch, off to the side so you can put it on your wrist?????

    • I did that once with a candy corn pouch. I personally don’t like to dangle things on my wrist, do I’ve never really done more pouches like that. Do people really like the wrist danglies?

  • Lisa


    hi twinkie! we’re twitter friends lol i have to say i like the little zipper pouch more than the purse, but what if you did wristlets?? i’m a big fan of wristlets 🙂 you could still use your d rings so the handle is detachable. just a thought!! love love your style <3

    • do people use wristlets a lot? i dont use them personally. I feel like something dangling from the wrist is still a bit awkward for being out and about, and I don’t usually see people using them, but maybe I am missing the boat!!

      thank you for your thoughts!!!

  • :::Greetings:::

    I agree with Sharla, I think the smaller clutch would be best, I think it has more function. I also think you could bring a purse along to show people you also make them.

    I <3 Everything You Create,

    • thank you!! yes it seems like the smaller version seems like the best option!

  • Khloe


    I love the more expensive one. Just because I like the design and colors better. I would buy that one 🙂

    • Heheh either style could come in any color combo! 😛

  • Okay
    1) The music – Loved it – I’d go so far as to say I heart possibly even puffy heart it
    2) Being from the DC area I say the purse is good with the magnetic clasp AND the zipper – bc I like to know even if you flip that up or slide you hand in that you have one more obstacle before you get to my stuff
    3) you made a really great point about the clutches being smaller and getting more use
    4) I think Dawn has a great point too – wrist straps!

    If you add wrist straps I’d say go with the cute little pouches.

    And as for not loading the purse – I had one of those adorable Asian newspaper bags and try as I might I still loaded it and it broke. . . I miss that bag

    • once the cell phone comes into play, purses always feel a bit heavy to me!!!!

      i have a couple more design ideas for the purse, too, that i could try. i feel like i spend so much time trying out things that never see the light of day!

  • ok so of course I am the odd man out BUT i totally love the purse purse. just sayin.

  • oh and snaggle teeth rock!

    • oh man i keep trying to tell myself that. and then my dad will go and be like, “hey, how about those braces?”

  • Shrinkle


    I’m in the minority here, but I DEFINITELY pick the purse purse, without question!

    Hey is there a particular reason you lower your prices for fairs? I’m going to do it too, just cuz you are, but I should probably also ask why you do hahahaha.

    • COPY CAT! 😛 I kid I kid.

      When I did my first fair years ago, and my prices were in the $60 range, people were already saying to each other that my stuff was too expensive (Note to others, it’s really rude to say this to a crafter’s face, so please just don’t say it out loud!!!). And I do respect my own work and value it, and I can put whatever gosh darn price I want, but if I put myself in a shopper’s shoes, if they have not heard of me, they would probably not drop over $100 on a scarf. So I just try to compromise somehow! I decided for fairs, I would try to keep everything under $100.

  • Shrinkle


    I also downloaded some iPhone app to accept credit cards. Woo! We are so professional.

    • I thought about it! But I don’t have an iPhone. HAHA!! Maybe I can convince Hairy to be the official iPhone credit card taker!

  • Elisha


    ok yeah i love the purse! and of course the pouches, i think you should do both and the price sounds reasonable-i think the purses will def sell out love love love it!! 🙂

    • thank you, elisha!!!! I will probably do both, but I think more of the smaller than the bigger for now!

  • CurvyQ


    I love the big purse but not the gold chain so much.. I totally choose a wristlet over a plain, no strap, no handle pouch anyday. I don’t like things in my paw, especially when a wine glass could be there.

    Peeps prob won’t be satisfied no matter what you decide, so no matter.

    I want to wear your salad while eating salad. So CuTe so far!

    • your point about nobody being satisfied is 100% true!!!

  • kasi


    I looooove the purse! I like the long strap, I hate hanging on to little bags and I, too, hate wristlets! So, there that is. I also love the scarflet. By waffle cowl, do you mean a waffle stitch, or that it looks like waffles? I promised my daughter a scarf that looks like waffles and still need to deliver on it…*sigh*. Too much to do.

    • Too much to do, indeed!!!!!

      I have my eye on a stitch for a waffle scarf, that is not waffle stitch. It involves working with two colors at the same time!

  • I think alot of people don’t mind a little wrist strap…think a little licorice strap…cuteness

  • Maggi


    Hmmm…I have to say that I like the purse purse the best. In the interest of time, I’m not sure you would need both the zipper and the clasp although having both is kind of nice and I’d hate to lose the cherry zipper pull because that makes the bag IMHO. 😀

    BUT I LIVE for cute little pouches I can stash my ID and what not in to keep in my big bags so again…hmmm….

    I guess ideally I would say do both, lol. However, I think you said you have 2 weeks? In that case I think the pouches are more realistic to get enough completed and ready to sell. And kudos to you for the hand sewn beading. I cringe every time I crochet a cupcake. Sure I could leave the “sprinkles” off but it just doesn’t have the same feel so I take the hour to sew them on. lol

    Anyhoo, that’s my 2 cents! lol and P.S.-I myself don’t like the feeling of something hanging from my wrist so the little strap is so wasted on me. lol

    Good luck, they’re both awesome!

    • Thanks so much, Maggi! Yes, I think I will probably focus on just doing the little pouches this time around!

      The sample purse I showed on the video actually has GLUED on beads, which is why I never sold it. I had to finish it really quickly for a meeting, but I promised myself that anything to be sold would HAVE to be sewn!!! I just can’t feel good about the glue ons!!!!

  • Beth


    I’m not going to be much help because I honestly like them both. The second one is clearly more work for you, and I can see where you’d want to make as many of something as you can in the amount of time you have.

    Good luck with whichever one you choose, hon.

    • Thank you so much!!!! Looks like mostly pouches for this event!

  • susan


    i really like the purse. i think you should make more of those, but id still think you should make some of the smaller clutches too.

    i personally would want just the magnetic closure and no zipper. but maybe im weird.


    • I would love to not have to sew a zipper if I didn’t need to!!!! ;P

  • Silje


    ohhh they’re both so cute^^

    I say….the pouch, in the colours of the purse, with wristband. yeahhh. XD
    danglies get a little annoying sometimes, but personally, if I’m out and about dancing or whatever, I’d rather have a dangly and not have to concentrate on holding the clutch!
    the purse is IMO cuter, but pouch way more practical.
    have you tried felting the handles for the purse? I made a felted bag/tote once (not knitted, just felted), and the handle is surprisingly sturdy, and useable as a normal shoulder tote. 🙂
    the chain makes it so cute and pretty though, hahaX
    /end long rambling comment and go to bed as it’s 03.17 in the UK. yes.

    • Hi there! yes, actually, the first purse I made (a steak purse) had felted handles!! It was quite sturdy, but I thought the chain would make the purse look daintier? I’ll have to keep experimenting with different styles, I think!

  • susan


    ok, i just read the comments and felt all lone woman out till i got down towards the bottom where people choose the purse. heh.

    anyways, i really like the gold chain — but im really into gold right now. also, in reply to ur wrist strap comments .. yah, i totally dont get them either.

    oh ps, i havent actually been able to afford any of ur stuff yet (have been considering a tshirt — but then i might feel like a poser .. lolz). saving up for my first purchase soon ;]


    • Hi, Susan!!

      I’m with you. I”M SO INTO GOLD RIGHT NOW!! Especially gold and pink. A few people did not like the gold chain, and I totally understand that. It can come off as a bit tacky, but I think it’s so funny! 😛

  • Rachael


    I really like the purse more because I can get absent minded when it comes to clutches and items that are not somewhat hanging off my persons ~ you know what I mean? Also, I actually prefer the added insurance, if you will, of a snap closure and zipper so if I drop my purse (I’m a klutz, too) less of a chance of my items spilling everywhere.
    Both are super cute though, have fun at the fair/show!

    • Thank you, Rachael! I’m with you! I would never use the smaller version on its own as a clutch. It would just stay in my house somewhere, probably!!

  • Shelbi


    Purse purse, seriously. However, I do agree with someone else’s opinion: Since you only have two weeks, maybe only do pouches. You could have the purse purses later when you have more time to create? The little cherry danglies are very adorable, though.

    • Thank you for your thoughts! Yeah, I think I will do mostly pouches for the event, and then maybe post some purses on Etsy!

  • poppY


    I like both of them so I’m no help! I think I would use the bigger pink one more than the tiny one(it would end up inside of another bag)
    I think that scarf will look AWESOME with radishes(I think those are the cutest EVER)

    • hee hee we are making an entire other scarf full of radishes for the fair, too!! 🙂

      i think i would personally get more use out of the bigger purse, but it seems like people find the smaller pouches more accessible? i dunno. it’s all very interesting to hear people’s thoughts!

  • Nikki G


    If you must only make one kind the second one gives you more options with the detachable strap you can still use it as a clutch if thats what you were after, however clasp and zipper are not neccassary, how about making it with just a zipper like the first one? And I don’t think you would then need the zipper dangles either……. so purhaps its more the first one but with detachable strap??
    Either way I would suggest mixing the two designs for the fair.

    On another note, don’t worry what people say about your prices, its not that expensive considering what effort goes into them, these people should be on ebay looking for cheap mass produced items from sweat shops not craft fairs looking for that gorgeous rare hand made with love item!!

    • Hi there! THanks for your thoughts! I think that with the larger version, if there is just a zipper, that front flap will just hang open and look kind of weird?

      • Nikki G


        Yes but if you just had a zipper on the top outside and sewed the front bit down, much like the small one, then it could work

  • Jules Chan


    I like the smaller purse, its cute cute and cute!

    • Thank you! Yes, I think the smaller style is winning!

  • Annais


    You KNOW I love the pouch/clutch. But I just adore the purse-purse. I understand why you want input, they are both totally cute. If you really have to pick I say the purse-purse. But, what the hey why not make some of each? I’m so decisive, right?

    • HAhahhah 😛 No need to decide!!! Just curious about the people who REALLY had preferences, and whether everyone had the same preference! But I guess nobody ever has the same preference, so it may have been a silly question to begin with!

  • Viking


    firstly, love the bigger salad ruffle thing. LOVE IT.

    secondly, i would love to see the smaller thing WITH the gold chain also. the chain makes it more useful. maybe a longer chain so its a shoulder mini handbag type thing. i have a pet peeve against bags when the chain is too small, i dont like things under my arm, i want them at waist level (but thats just me). also, maybe theres some way you can strengthen the D ring. put some stronger fabric inside along the sides. i dont know.

    thirdly, i LOVE these creations, i love the beading, the design, etc… but it’d be cool to see them in brighter colours?

    these are my thoughts! feel free to ignore them! 🙂

    i love your stuff, keep on handmaking, you’re awesome! xxx

    • I really appreciate your time and thoughts!!!!

      I used to also never want to wear a bag on my shoulder/under my arm. I really needed a super long strap so that I could wear it across my body! I sort of have accepted the short shoulder bag now, though :P. For hands-free, I really hoped to make the cute-tility packs popular, but then everybody tells me they don’t wear belts! Weird!!

      Anyhoo, yes, I think I will try some options with the chain and the smaller pouch! As well as the cherry danglies!

  • Nathalie


    I like them both but I never use clutches (too heavy to put in my “big” purse) so it’s handbag for me…though, I’d need something bigger 😉

    • Yup yup, I would not consider the purse for everyday. I just happen to like smaller purses when I go out at night, so I’m not knocking into people with my huge tote! 🙂

  • Megalina


    The little ones very cute; and I agree with a lot of the comments that a wrist thing could be helpful.. maybe the little one could have the fun cherry zipper pulls too? Those might be easy to hang onto instead of having a wristloop thing. I dig the big purse, but am not a fan of the gold tone chain. I wish it was any other colour. The super salad scarflett is precious! I’m so excited to see the rest of it.

    It does suck to be working on things trying to figure out the best way to do something and not getting to actually show it off. I have so many designs I’ve been drawing up that I just haven’t had the time to try out… or that I’m busy with what people do like at the moment. New things pop into my head all the time; and if I could just poof be able to stop everything and do that; then maybe I’d get more done. If only there were more hands and hours to knit/crochet/craft


  • linzinator


    omg i LOVE the purse purse with the chain and the cherry dangly thing! SO CUTE!

    • thank you!!!!!!! i think cherry danglies are mandatory regardless of the style of pouch!

  • Kristin


    I think you should do both as I think they would attract different customers. Younger people will probably prefer the pouch but I can totally see an older woman not only liking but have the money to afford the purse. I also think you should keep the purse price at $100.00 even for a fair. That is SO MUCH work!!!

    I agree with you 100% that it is incredibly rude to tell someone they are too expensive. I used to manage a Contemporary Craft Gallery in the 90’s and people would always say “I could make that” It drove me INSANE! I finally started saying with a big phony ass smile on my face… Cool, you go home and make it, come up with a price for YOUR time and maybe we can sell them here. Better yet, go home and make 50 of them and then tell me what your price is.

    • Oh my gosh. At the very first fair I vended at, there was a girl going around with a notebook, sooo excited, saying stufff like “THAT’S SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!!” and writing stuff down. Wow, be a little more subtle!! 😛

  • Meemers


    Both are adorable. I like the purse purse better, but I’d more likely buy the small pouch. If money was no object I’d buy the purse purse. I think with the time you put into making the purse $100 is fair. Love the video too!

    • Thanks so much for your input!! I think most ppl would more likely pick up the smaller one in person, too. I’d probably post more purse purses on Etsy!

  • Caitlin


    I vote for the smaller (1st) pouch! They are so cute! 🙂

    • Thank you!!!! Yes I will try to make a bunch of those!

  • Stavroula


    i say go with the purse purse 100%.
    i like pouches very much as well -i have a dozen of em- but thing is they all end up in a tote bag or so, since theres no way id carry one around holding it.
    And this is where the problem with tote bags start, i always have my mind on it when im going to out cause when its crowdy theres alot of “sneaky” ppl out there “drooling” on my bags contents lol
    Buying a wristlet was my first solution to my worries and even though i like i dont have to look over my shoulder to see if everythings fine, i hate how it feels hanging from my wrist. Its like im dragging a chained ball lol
    And thats why ive ended up liking small short shoulder purses, they re just so comfy!
    So again, id say go for the purse purse, even though im not a fan of gold, its too “classy” for me lol nevertheless its very cute 🙂
    As for the price, i believe that your work in general is well valued in logical terms given the time, work and effort to create all that stuff. Personally, i dont mind spending a bit more than usual for things that are handmade cause they definitely deserve it 🙂

    Have fun at the event

    • Thank you, darlin! The wristlet SEEMS like a great solution, but I really don’t like the feeling of wearing one, either!! I used to be SO against small short shoulder purses, but now it’s all I carry!!! Well, I kind of have a giant Betsey Johnson tote bag right now, but otherwise, it’s shoulder purses for me all the way!!!

  • Cheebee


    You should make a bun hat, a meat (or veggie burger!) scarf, and a bottom bun scarf. To go with the lettuce scarf.

    Head sandwich!

    Okay….I’m just being a dork.

    • I like where you are going with this, although I might not execute it that exact way 😉

  • NormaPezmond


    Okay here goes, my view. I am going to be honest, and no intentions at being mean. I adore your work, your creations are creative and full of goodness. However I think your pricey is outta sight. I appreciate the work that goes into yout stuff, but I as many other crafter also knit, crochet and find your prices to be very high. Which sadly just makes it hard for working class to afford and enjoy your beauty which is a shame since I think its the elite, richies, who would just see it as ANOTHER label, another ITEM, where as working and middle class, students, etc would truly appreciate it and most likely wear it out. I just dont see how you justify the hundreds of bux pricing. Again, its just my view, and you asked for our thoughts so here it is. I think you, and other designers/crafters who price their goods at outta sight levels miss out on thousands of sales. Again, thanks for the cool stuff, just kinda sad its stuff I and so many others cant afford.


    • Hi, thank you for your thoughts. There are many logical reasons my pricing is the way that it is, but I don’t want to create a laundry list here. I do think that some crafters underprice their work. If someone is really trying to make a living, and if they use formulas for pricing that regular manufacturers do, the prices would really be ridiculous. I try to find a nice compromise. If I’m spending 12 hours to create something, I can’t charge $30 for it. That’s just not fair to me.

      I think that handmade, unique items, are special. But I am also working on mass-producing items so that others can afford them. Trust me, I am a shopper as well, and I understand what feels affordable, and what does not!

  • As a fellow designer and crafter I just wanted to speak up a little bit.

    I think Twinkie’s pricing is so fair I’ve used her as a benchmark for the relaunch of my own store.

    Yeah, we’re all poor and that sucks – but for the amount of time it takes and the cutility I think it’s worth it.

  • Elysse


    You know me, I’m not a purse or clutch person, but when I must go to a formal event, I have 2 old fashion clutches (from my grandma!) that I use.

    With that being said, I think there is a ton going on with the little purse with the strap and cherry zipper pull. Its cute, but I’d rather have the fancy hand-sewn beadwork catch my eye than giant cherries.

    Don’t kill yourself or your dainty little hands, go smaller.

    unrelated: your hair looks super awesome in this video.

    • Aw, i love the giant cherries!!!!!

      • Elysse


        I do too! I’m just saying for this particular piece, I think the beadwork is a classy offset.

  • well i think it looks wonderful so far and I’m pretty excited to see the finished product.

  • Bananaroo


    Miss Twinkie, I love love love the purse. The colours are fabulous and you won’t have to worry about keeping track of something in your hands. I don’t like clutches except on very rare occasions, like a nice dinner where I know I’ll be in one spot most the night and won’t have to worry about misplacing a small clutch. Go for the purse!

    • I never use clutches!!! But so many people/brands sell them , so I have to assume that some people use them!!!???? 🙂

      I am definitely a purse-girl, too!

  • Liz


    YIKES! So I like them BOTH – but think the first one is SUPER fun and simple. More than that… I love your hair in the adorable little piggys! =D

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