Grapefruit Shower Gel Smells like B.O.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Yesterday, we had an arts/crafts-tastic Sunday. After walking the doggies (here’s a boring but recent video of them! Videos will lack sound fx or music today. I’m not allowing myself fun-video-making time today!)

we headed over to Indie Mart to check out the goods and to meet Vivianna of PolkaDotRobot!. You should check out their site because they are having a 24 hour sale, and it ends at midnight tonight PST!

Hairy and I also both bought shirts for $5 from Here’s mine!

I would have worn it today, but I have a thing about washing any clothing before wearing it!!!

Afterward, we went to check out a new studio space for Hairy and his screenprinting stuffs. It’s a shared work space/art gallery, and I think he’s really into it. Right now, his stuff is in some other dude’s basement.

Sorry for the crap quality. It’s from my phone!

In other news, check out the little Q&A I did over at!

Okay, this is really random, but here are my thoughts on 2 Kiehl’s products (I LOVE their Ultra Facial Cream btw, especially now that it’s getting drier outside):

So my hair stylist Jules gave me permission to NOT condition my hair all the time. We of the coarse, straight, flat Asian hair, desire to wreck our hair as much as possible so that it has texture, and, for me, VOLUME! The not-conditioning thing was like this brilliant stroke of genius! The downside: static!!! But while I was at the Kiehl’s booth, I picked up a volumizing Rice and Wheat shampoo, and just picked up the Rice and Wheat conditioner, too (we were trying to spend enough for the free gift). I’ve had it since Houston and never tried it. The other day I tried the conditioner…and WOW!!! I was really afraid I would have the dreaded FLAT HAIR that stupid Pantene gives me because my hair was feeling SO SOFT. But after my regular styling and drying, I was pleased to discover that SOFT does not have to mean FLAT. I was really impressed with this product!!!

I was less impressed with one of the free samples we got of the grapefruit shower gel.

While I am not a big fan of citrus scents to begin with, I really felt like I was rubbing the scent of armpits all over my body. Maybe I’m weird and my B.O smells like grapefruits….who knows. But this was definitely not my fav!

Alrighty, I am going to make me some cake-inspired pouches/purses now! Thanks so much for your thoughts and feedback! As someone commented, you can’t please everyone, and that’s for sure. Usually when I design things, I design them to please MYSELF and I think about what I would actually use and like, so it’s interesting to hear what others use and like, too.

13 Comments on “Grapefruit Shower Gel Smells like B.O.”

  • vivianna


    I used Kiehls for a long time but now have moved on. Thanks for the shout-out! it was lovely meeting you yesterday! No joke I will really help you hand sew.


    • I keep hoping that stuff I guy at Safeway will work out, but then I always go back to Kiehl’s!!!!!

  • milktoof


    my BO tends to smell like cake mix :/ so I feel you there

    • I’ve heard other people say their B.O. smells like honey. I can’t even imagine how that works!!!!!

  • Maggi


    I’m not big on the citrus-y soaps and what nots either. They just have a naturally sour smell to me.

    Your dogs are too cute! I love the unicorn on the cob shirt! Some things are so obvious you kick yourself for not thinking of it first. lol

    I’m off to check out 84 area!

  • Amanda


    So how much pink does that shampoo take out of your hair?

    • Very astute question!! But I don’t have a great answer for it.

      I mostly ALWAYS choose volumizing products over color-saving ones. It’s just a matter of choosing my battles. Special FX sticks in my hair pretty well. Perhaps it would stick longer if I used color saving stuff, but, it’s the volume I really need on a daily basis!!

      • Amanda


        Lol okay. That leads me to how often do you have to repink your hair and does it turn this sickly brownish pink color when it fades or is that just my hair?

        • Does that mean you are dye-ing over brown hair?

          I think what ever color is underneath will show thru. Mine would be an orangey yellow!!! So I turn kind of peachy colored when I fade out.

          I should probably pink my hair more often, but I get lazy and I usually just do it and re-bleach when my roots come in!! So, yeah. I should ideally re-dye like every 4 weeks I think, but I usually end up bleaching roots and re-dyeing like ever 2 months 😛

  • Rachael


    My sister gave me Burts Bees grapefruit shower gel and while I normally love BB the grapefruit scent just makes my nose wrinkle! Definitely not a fan of grapefruit outside of anything except being a grapefruit!

  • Jacqueline


    I don’t think I’ve ever used any grapefruit products that didn’t smell like b.o. I think grapefruit should not be a scent. You doggies are sooo cute!!

  • Kayleigh


    omg its so weird that you say that about grapefruit! I have a grapefruit shower gel and i used it in the shower to clean under my arms, then i always give them a smell check to make sure they’re clean. When i smelt them i couldn’t decided if they smelt of B.O. or if grapefruit smells of B.O.! well after washing them a few more times i realised it was the grapefruit but it was rather frustrating!

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