Cookie Parties, Giant Pink Bows, and Yarn Stashes!

Today I shot a few photos for a few peeps. If you want to see it bigger click HERE. The above collage was for I Love Cookie which is a crafty supply site that sells fabrics and buttons and stuff. They were looking to replace one of the monsters on their site with an actual person and asked if I might want to give it a whirl. I kinda had no idea what they were actually looking for, so I just threw together a bunch of stuff and we’ll see if anything sticks!

Also I bought this giant pink bow from Puppycatmeow on Etsy, and she asked if I’d take some photos for her shop, so I said OK!

The last one on the right is so awesome, am I right?

Also today I visited Imagiknit to get more yarn for the upcoming show at New People. I ended up buying like 7 skeins of YELLOW, but all in different brands and materials. Everyone was like GIRL WHY YOU BUYIN SO MUCH YELLOW!?!! Sometimes it just happens!! I sent most of it off to my helpers, but here is what stayed with me:

I figure if I have any readers who are into yarn porn, I can start documenting what I buy on my yarn outings if it happens to look at all exciting!!

I keep wanting to stop buying so much yarn and use up my stash, but somehow, you just end up having to buy more anyway!! I recently went thru my stash and pulled out stuff I know that I will never use. Is it kosher to sell your stash on Etsy?

Anyhoo, I am off to make two watermelon scarves tonight!!!! xo

OH p.s., if you knit or crochet afghans and know anything about framing them properly (i.e. so they don’t sag) please let me know!!!

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  • Tamz


    Jebus woman.. you’re going to end up making it as a model full time at this rate πŸ˜€

    • πŸ˜› Oh dear, I don’t think that will ever happen. I am seriously the world’s worst model. I realize this every time I try to take photos of myself. It’s even worse when someone else is behind the camera!!

  • Brittney


    That last one on the right is awesome. My friend and I do this pose to each other all the time. How can you say no to such a precious face? lol
    I’m into yarn porn, but I’m so turned on by office supplies. I get the urge to buy unnecessary amounts of post-it notes that I don’t need.

    • HAHAHHA my BFF has this unreal obsession with BINDERS!!!!!!! She makes binders for everything. I mean, EVERYTHING!!!!!!

  • Maggi


    Yup, the pic on the right is adorable, I think you make a wonderful model! And you can for sure sell stashes of stuff on etsy. Yarn porn is always acceptable in my humble opinion….go yarn!

    • Yay! At leat I’ll have SOMETHING to actually put on etsy πŸ˜›


    And are you talking about like, MOUNTING an afghan? To a wall? Or to frame it like for display purposes?

    My secret trick lately is using “lace” blocking wires, which are actually just any high gauge straight stainless steel wires (you can also buy welding wire, or any other sturdy spring steel -or hardened steel, etc) from a hardware store/welding supply store. You feed/thread the wire along the very edges of your afghan in&out as often as necessary to eliminate pucker & sag, and then you just pin/tack the wires into place against your mounting surface. That way you can mount it to an actual big frame or canvas, or to a wall, etc, and have it be perfectly square! The wires are practically invisible if you do this right! Make sure to tape the wires together where you’re overlapping them though; it’ll keep them from sliding out/going all wonky… esp at the corners.

    • The wire is an interesting idea!!!! My piece is small, but VERY thick and heavy and holey, so I think it needs support even throughout the middle of the piece. I kind of think it’s a lost cause unless i like GLUE it down and completely ruin it!

  • Is that Malabrigo Green Apple on the right?

  • Emily


    YARN PORN! I’d like to know what you buy. I need to expand from what I find at Michaels/JoAnn’s. LOL!

    The pic on the right is awesomeness!!

    • I should have listed the brands and colors. OOPS!! But go to a yarn shop that’s not michael’s nor joann’s, and check out MALABRIGO. you will fall deeply in love.

      • Emily


        Thank you! I’m going to have to do some research to see what’s in my area. Right now I’m hooked on buying the Red Heart Eco Ways yarn, but it’s only for scarves. And basic scarves at that.

  • Yume Ninja


    your pink jumper is 100% awesome.

    • Thank you! I have never worn it out in public. It makes my legs feel to fat :/ πŸ˜›

  • Hahahaha, I love the last big bow picture. PERFECT!
    I would so be into the yarn porn…I mean, documenting.

    • HAHHA. AHHHH. I need to move to a place with better sunlight. It’s so annoying dragging out the photo lights for every stupid picture!

      • Capricia Rae


        That’s how our house is too. I really dread doing etsy photos or ANYTHING because it’s soooo much work.

  • Sophie


    you must be a good model, u look good in every photo!!

    • i only picked my favorites. there were TONS of throwaways!!!!!

      • Sophie


        haha, but im sure you arent a *bad* model πŸ˜›

  • You are the raddest!! Thank you soooo much! If you wanna email me the images I can give um to my web guy so he can get you into the wonderful cartoon-y Cookie Party Land!!

    • HI!!! I msgd you last night on MySpace. Will the full size image off Flickr work? Or do you want me to mail the collage? Or do you want to pick out individual images for me to send larger ones? Lemme know! πŸ˜‰

  • cutie cute,cute cute. You look great in these photos and I can’t wait to send you some more wonders to run around in.

    • Yay! Thank you!! I love my pink bow so much!

  • you look super rad in these pics! and i would totally buy your leftovers on etsy or ebay or anywhere. holla if you decide to sell some. πŸ™‚

    • hey sure! im a bit busy before the holidays, so i can’t guarantee pics right away, tho :(. don’t know if you’d still want me to do it!

  • I just have to say that your tattoos are so cute and colorful! It’s rare to find such vibrant tattoos!

    • thank you so much! i think the colors really pop because my tattoos do not have much shading at all!

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