You guys are the worst models ever.

Go check out Shrinkle’s photo heavy blog entry about the Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Opening Party!!!

My favorites are from when we went to eat at Swinger’s afteward, and Shrinkle’s man Kevin took out his camera, and Hairy and I just instincutally started making poo faces, and Kevin said we were the worst models ever.

5 Comments on “You guys are the worst models ever.”

  • mel



  • Girl look like you spilt some neon kool-aid up on you hair!

  • Haeri


    You shouldn’t be ashamed of your disability, Twinkiechan. I think you look cute just the way you are.

  • Mineko chan


    Yeah, you’re kind of bad models, but… really cute :3

    Your hair looks so cool *.* bsgbrngognongwr

    (this is the first comment that i do to a blog O.O)

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