Thrill the World! Eaten by Zombies!

On Saturday, Hairy and I went to Palo Alto to support my BFF Manda as she led the dance in Palo Alto for Thrill the World.

Hairy and I refuse to dance (I need to be inebriated to even jump up and down to Cyndi Lauper), so I tried to take video, but then my arms got tired!! Hahaha.

Thrill the World, Palo Alto, CA, 2009 from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

That dude with the ponytail and track pants is going to be Manda’s new husband, so, Dude with Ponytail and Track Pants, if you ever read this, please contact me and I will connect you to your wife. You have the sweet dance moves that all the ladies desire.

Aaand a few cute items to share! Click pics to go to the pages!

Cute pin!

Cute shirt! (and girl, but she doesn’t come with it.)

Another cute shirt I totally want!

Ok, bye!! Back to work on my book and samples!!!!! This is the last week I have, and it will be a furious next few days. EEEEEEP!!!

9 Comments on “Thrill the World! Eaten by Zombies!”

  • Nikki


    Oh that last one is from smarmy clothes yes?
    I just got my up-cycled beasties boys tank top from her etsy shop.

    • i don’t think i’ve ever bought from her, but i always ogle!!!

  • Annais


    I LOVE that Harajuku Lovers tank…
    I’m a Harajuku Lovers slut…I own way too much of that crap.

    • i am kinda not super duper fanatic for HJ, but i do love the tank top!!! and i doo want those pink candy print purses!!!!!! which i will only buy for myself if something exciting happens with my line. hahha.

      • Annais


        I just recently bought a make-up bag from Sephora that’s similar to that tank…I’m thinking I might look psycho if I buy a tank top to match, lol. I still want it thought.

  • Elysse


    we accidentally ran into the Thrill The World in Santa Cruz. It was, not as cute.


  • i am def. in love with that first tank top! LOL ♥♥♥

    x x x

  • Alexis


    I’m a militant non-dancer, also. Although I would consider dressing as a zombie and doing the Thriller dance… as long as no one can see my face!

    And thank you for including my tank top!!

  • dee


    i love the second one it is very uber kyoot! >_<

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