Hello Kitty Three Apples 35th Anniversary Party!

Hairy and I drove down to L.A. on Thursday and made it just in time to stand in line to get into the VIP party for Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary at Royal-T. Then we woke up the next morning and drove right back home to make it for Hairy’s 5pm tattoo appointment!

Here’s a little news clip about the event. Fox 11 gathered up a bunch of us, and I thought it was just to take a picture. Turns out, they wanted girls as background for their TV snippet. I was able to hide behind other people quite a bit. Shrinkle claims to have tried to hide behind me, but I was clearly hiding behind her….!!!

Here’s a pic of me and, I believe, Melissa (correct me if I’m wrong!) from this article on BlackBook Mag.

I thought it was kinda funny that rando press people would snap pics of you on their little point-and-shoots. I guess you get funky photos like this then!

I’d stayed up until like 6 in the morning to make myself a Hello Kitty purse (felted). I had no time to think about what I was going to wear, threw some crap into my bag at the last minute, and decided I needed at least ONE Hello Kitty accessory!! I will probably do a blog giveaway with it later after November 14th (we will be going back to LA for the Hello Kitty Fashion Event…which is open to the public!).

hk 001

This is me in front of the Hello Kitty airstream, decorated inside by Cynthia Rowley!

hk 18

I’m holding up a CuteAndNast.com sticker cuz I didn’t know what to do with my hands. CLICK HERE to read their post about the event!!!

Also check out BubblePunch’s photos!!! Um, their dresses were both handmade by themselves and TO DIE FOR!!!

I’ve decided I need a pair of blinged-out “formal” glasses for fancy photo-heavy occasions!!! I feel so dowdy compared to everyone else’s fabulousness!!! I will cut the other 21 or so photos click if you want to see more!

All good trips must involve jumping pics! Here I am in front of a plastic anatomically-correct buffalo.

hk 01

He and Hairy become BFF.

Waiting in line in front of Royal-T.

The event started at 7pm. We got there a bit after 8pm. The fire marshall said they were at/over capacity. Friends of Shrinkle said to sneak into the back with them. I am one of those people who fears getting caught and/or yelled at. I would rather stand in line than risk someone shaking their finger at me!

When we finally got to the door, I wasn’t even on any of the lists! Booo! Oh well. I guess I coulda been anybody claiming to be a designer and getting in!

I will probably forget to mention who all I saw in there that night. Surprise meeting Cicely Margo in person for the first time! The aforementioned ladies of Bubble Punch as well as Cute & Nast. Jeni yang who is an AMAZING painter! Please check out her work. You won’t regret it. She also makes TOAST CHAIRS. I’ve actually known Jeni’s friend Christine for ages via AIM and met her for the first time as well! I also met Tess FINALLY! We had a couple attempts at meeting that failed. I think it’s funny to see people 400 miles away from home when you actually live like 50 miles away from each other! I also saw my old neighbors (who is actually still only like 2-3 blocks away from me) who came with Huck Gee who is a really super tall dude. The lovely ladies I know of as Shrinkle’s posse like Jessica and Lumi and Sinh and Lauren WK. Misha who did my licorice bow tattoo, whom I haven’t seen forever. Okay, more peeps than that but I’m starting to run out of juice here!

Me and Yume Ninja/True Mee:

Hairy wearing Chubby Bunny‘s wrap for some reason:

Me and Tess!

I think I took pics with other people, but not on my camera. Again, I am trying to get better at taking pics of everything, but I’m still really bad it. Thank goodness for Hairy!

When I went to the bathroom (HELLO KITTY TOILET PAPER!! YES I SHOVED SOME IN MY PURSE!!) there was this girl in there waiting, and her face is soooooo familiar to me, but I can’t place where I’ve seen her from. This is not the best pic of her, but if it rings a bell with anyone PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I’m so annoyed I can’t remember who she is! **** EDIT***** Mystery solved!!!! Thank you, genkitten!

One of the walls at Royal-T:

Hello Kitty Apartment. They didn’t let you go in there and check stuff out, but they had Audrey Kitching hanging out in it when we were waiting in line go get in.

Here’s some of the art they had on display. I’m sure that other sites have way better pictures and more comprehensive, but if you are too lazy to look for any of those…here’s a taste!

These were pretty small, but he painted a lot of them in all these different little characters.

Inside the Hello Kitty Airstream. Apparently it was made/designed for Hello Kitty’s 30th Anniversary, and it will soon be up for auction on eBAY!!!! The lady was about to close it up for the night, but let us have a peek inside. Thanks, nice lady!

Last but not least, Hairy and I checked out the Hello Kitty pop-up store. There was ONE of Chubby Bunny‘s bows left. EVERYONE was wearing one inside. I had to grab one and support!!

Keeping the tag on means it’s gangsta.


Now I have to go into deep hibernation because my book and samples are due next week and I have sooo much to do!!!

12 Comments on “Hello Kitty Three Apples 35th Anniversary Party!”

  • Shrinkle


    I stole THREE rolls of the toilet paper. I win!

    • Yeah I don’t think I could have kept/hidden three rolls of toilet paper anywhere!

  • Mary C.


    I love the bow pic ;P

    • hahah 😛 that was like at 5 in the morning when i typed this entry!

  • Wow thanks for taking all these photo’s it makes me feel like I have not missed everything, I would have loved to go here this is ace!! I wish we had even a sanrio shop in Scotland. I was wondering if you have made me a 125×125 square twinkiechan xx

    • Ah sorry I don’t have it yet!! I’ve been so swamped!!! THank you for the reminder tho!!!

    • YESSS! YAY!! That’s totally her and I NEVER would have been able to figure out her name or what I’d seen her in!!!

      • Gen


        Oh yay! Glad I could help. I recognised her from Six Feet Under!

  • mel


    awww. twinkie i love you! you were so shy on the camera, lol. *hides*

  • CurvyQ


    Oooh. This is a blog orgasm.
    A blogasm. An Org?

    Thanks. *inhales fake cigarette*

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