“are u wearing spanx girrlll?!” -bubblesung

Hairy and I are back from Margaret’s wedding in Houston, and also we just picked up the doggies from their kennel in Petaluma today.

The weather in Houston was gorgeous and not-hot and perfect!! Then we came home and it POURED today here!

First up: I did not wear a wig in the ceremony. I brought the short wig, but after the out-of-towner dinner at Maggiano’s and a chat with the bride, we decided that half the people who’d be at the wedding already saw me with pink hair, and it would be super duper even more weird if I showed up with a little black fro.

You are going to kill me, but Hairy and I never remembered to bring our camera anywhere!!! You will have to wait to see the actual wedding photos from the photographer, if Margaret ever sends them to me. I managed to get this blurry snap in the bathroom with my phone:

I wore a little hair-thing by thehoneycomb on Etsy.

I must have an enormous head, because the fascinator did not look as big on my head as it does on the model’s head!!!! I am now a fan of her stuff!!! The style is a bit more “romantic” than my every day wear, but it was perfect for the occasion and not too expensive.

I don’t have a full-outfit shot from the wedding, but I do have a pre-outfit shot. I tell everyone that the most unattractive thing you could ever wear is NUDE-colored SPANX. I don’t like wearing thongs, and when I was telling my mom a year or so ago that I was going to a formal function with a slinky dress, she donated her new pair of unused SPANX to me. They are really disturbing, but they hide the panty line!

However, I noticed in the car, after I put my dress on, that I could see THE LEG LINE!!!! I was kind of disgusted with myself at that point, but everyone assured me that they couldn’t really see it…..

Anyway, the ceremony was really short and really sweet. I made my speech/toast and all was well. I feel like I have a go-to format for giving wedding toasts now:

1) Say hello and introduce yourself.

2) Congratulate the bride and groom.

3) If nobody knows who the heck you are, briefly explain how you know the bride/broom or both. Pepper with humor if appropriate.

4) This time I included a brief story of how they met, because I thought it was very sweet.

5) Choose something quirky about the bride/broom to share, or choose a favorite memory or anecdote.

6) Relate this quirky thing or anecdote back to marriage/happiness/new life, etc.

7) Cheers!

The wedding cake was tres leches and it was YUMMMMMMMY. Also the bride’s mom got a little tipsy and danced her little tushy off on the dance floor. It was awesome. We had dinner at a place called Ragin’ Cajun, ate pie at House of Pies, wandered around the Galleria, and watched Zombieland.

All in all, good trip. I am generally not moved by weddings, but, considering everything I know about my friend, I am so so so so so so so soooooo happy for her and her new life.

16 Comments on ““are u wearing spanx girrlll?!” -bubblesung”

  • xtine


    Haha! I sell Spanx everyday at Bloomie’s! They’re really quite popular!

    • OMG I couldn’t eat while wearing them. It was like a lap band!!! HAHA.

  • EHansem


    Uh… I had a moment of panic. I glanced at that bathroom mirror pic and thought you were naked from the waist down.

    • I do have a TINY bit sense left in my head!

  • stephiee


    HAHAHAH you quoted me XD awesome…n yes…spanx is just about the most unattractive thing to wear…imagine going home with a guy…then BAM….he sees u in spanx…x.x i’m not speaking from experience, just hypothetical yet very realistic situation 😛

    • OMG so true. Hairy poked at the SPANX and said it made me feel really FIRM cuz all the fat is getting squished together!!! AHAHAHA.

  • boo


    :O now we officially know what twinkiechan would look like naked! so thin!

    spanx is great if you wanna suck your tummy in or hide VPL but is a NIGHTMARE when you gotta go pee!

  • Sophie


    I’m kind of glad you went wig-less 😀 It’s more you!!

  • Mike


    Isn’t the Galleria fun! It’s humongous. I’ve lived in Houston for almost 2 years and still haven’t complete seen it myself.

    When I first saw the picture before reading what you posted about it I thought you might have accidentally brought the wrong set of pink pants to go with the sweater or something 😛

    I don’t think spanx is really something bad or unattractive to wear just something that might be uncomfortable to wear.

  • Jules Chan


    After all that and you forgot your camera!!! Booo!!!!
    I might have to try some Spanx myself but shame if you cant eat in it!!!

  • chinamommy


    my daughter is Chinese, & my mom wears spanx AND a wig…. are you our long lost cousin?

  • Elysse


    for future, these underwear save my life when having to wear clingy or “thong appropriate” outfits, because I refuse to wear thongs too:

    You look so cute with the hairpiece on!

    • Twinkie Chan


      oohhhh thank you for the underwears link!!!

      • Elysse


        The only thing to watch for, is sometimes they can be a little higher-rise under low-rise jeans. But seriously, they rule…and they make butts look amazing.


  • Maggi


    I’m all about some Spanx to smooth out the middle, lol. Glad you were able to go wig-less!

  • ha, spanx are fun, i actually got some for my wedding and a corset, but i only wore the corset for the wedding (not the reception) and completely forgot about the spanx. ha.

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