To quote myself: “Me and my weave are outta here!”

So we will be in Houston for the weekend for Margaret’s wedding. I am packing my curly Shirley Temple wig! Today I went shopping with Manda AAAALL over the planet looking for red shoes to go with my red bridesmaid dress. It was not easy, let me tell you. I either felt like a tacky cougar or a businesswoman….nothing wedding-appropriate AND RED.

My mom berated me and told me that if I hadn’t waited these few months to shop, that it wouldn’t be the winter season, and that there would have been more red shoes a few months ago. AH! Whatevs!! What do I know from fashion seasons?!?! I kinda hate that there are colors that are supposed to go with seasons. I dislike fall colors especially!

I managed to wrangle a pair of super pointy, Marc Jacobs, strap heeled shoes in a kinda shiny patent at Nordstrom Rack. Trust me, everything looked terrible, and this was the least of all the evils. It’s not my wedding and I don’t have to look awesome, nor will people care much, but I admit, I feel a bit defensive because I’ll be the weird girl with the full sleeve, and I don’t want to look like I don’t have the class to clean up nicely!!! Weird, I know!!

Today I drove all the way up to Petaluma to drop the baby doggies off at their new kennel. I hope they have a good time and are not sad!! Then I drove all the way back down to Palo Alto to go shoe shopping. On the drive home, I kept myself awake (only had 4 hrs of sleep last night) by practicing the speech/toast I have to give at the wedding!!

Anyway, sorry for all that text!! I will leave you with a few fun items from the interwebz!! *Click on images to go pages*

I’ve added Coco Perez to my blog reader on (where I host the YuckyStuff site). I am enjoying it! Check out his post on chocolate and fashion!

Hairy showed me this post about Hello Kitty toys with ORGANS!!!!

Lastly, I am into this t-shirt dress from Although, I would be inclined to embellish the white-tee part, I think with an applique or some bling or a drawing of a lollipop or something!

Everyone have a great weekend!!! I hope you all get to see Where the Wild Things Are. I am going to wait to come home to see it with my bestie!!!!


13 Comments on “To quote myself: “Me and my weave are outta here!””

  • Maggi


    You’re right, that white t-shirt is screaming for embellishment. Have a great trip, I hope your hair and additional what nots all work out!

  • You at the wedding pics are SO in order little lady!

    • I’m in big trouble now….. fingers crossed that margaret doesnt take too long to send photographer photos!

  • Elysse


    Dude. I have like 3 pairs of red shoes.

    • now I have one!!! haha. what size show do u wear? you’re so tall i’d imagine you have bigger feets than me? 7.5!

  • Sophie


    Ditto! Hoping to see some wedding pics 😀

  • Emily


    Have a safe trip! Hope the wedding goes great! I have zero red shoes. Don’t know what I would do with them.

    • I KNOW!!!!! Oh well. Hopefully emergency red shoes will be required once more at some point!

  • Jemibook


    Just so you know I work @ Macy’s and we have been selling those t-shirt dresses for a few months now, they are about $24.99 in plenty of colors and designs if you want a knock-off version!

    • um, this is very good to know! thank yoooo!!

  • dee


    aww i love the HK with organs!!! where can i get some of those?

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