Part mermaid. Part hooker. 100% dreamy.

Untitled from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

Sorry there aren’t sound effects. I didn’t have that much time to play around. Also, I kept trying to add some fun music like CHER but even at the lowest volume, the music overpowered what I was saying!

15 Comments on “THE FINAL WIG VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • yea, i do agree, the other one looks better, but this one doesn’t look all that bad via video. i’m in the process of growing my hair out. mine is super-short…it was like “boy-ish short” tho, so i’m making progress! 😛

    good luck on looking great for the nuptuals! 😉

    • my friend just saw the video and thought the wig was horrifying!!!!!
      yeah, i don’t thikn i will be looking great for the event. i’m just going to aim for “not gross” 🙂

      • i think why it looks bad is b/c it looks like it’s made of Barbie hair! lol like ultra-shiny, but in a bad way…? lol

        • Yes, I agree!! I thought it would kinda be….fluffier and not so….greasy looking!

  • Mermaid


    I actually think it looks super cute on you, but I don’t know what it looks like in person. It is weird how it waves. You would think they’d try to make it luscious and attractive but it kind of looks like they used the wave plate on one of those 90s crimper iron sets. I do like it better than the other wig, though.

    • I think I like this wig in concept better than the fro, but the for really loooks more like actual hair than this one!

  • Maggi


    By day she’s an old lady but by night she’s…Mermaid Hooker! lol That intro before the video is too funny!

    I agree, on the video it does not look that bad at all but it seems between the two that you’ll have an easier time styling the first one more to your liking.

    Good luck!

    • I’m afraid to try blowing the fro out….I gotta do that tonight or tomorrow night!

  • Boo


    i was laughing all throughout watching this, it really does look BAD. i agree and say go with the old lady wig, this one looks far too greasy, fake and street walker-ish.

    • I kept reading that this particular fiber was the most realistic…but…it SUCKS!

      • Boo


        seriously? makes me wonder what the not so fiber is like o~o

  • Kristin


    LOL – Yes, it’s bad but I SO appreciate your sharing this and your thoughts regarding it. I may have to book mark this and watch it again when I’m having a bad day. You cracked me up 🙂

    • I like to share the various awful things I get myself into 😛 HAhahaha

  • Jules Chan


    Even tho you didnt look bad in this video, I think if you straightened out the old lady fro, that one would look cuter. Or, if all else fails, you could always cut this one shorter?? But I guess that wouldnt change the shiny fake texture would it? Best bet, spray the other one underneath and straighten in abit, if it looks ok, do it all! Best of luck.

    • I couldn’t figure out how to straight the fro without actually owning a straightener!!! AHHH

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