Delicious Baby Vegetables!

We went to Whole Foods the other day so Hairy could make a really yum-tastic salad with pomelos and long beans and lettuce and cabbage and a dressing made with fish sauce. I saw these teeny tiny baby tomatoes and I HAD TO HAVE THEM.

I am not usually a fan of raw tomatoes. I only like them cooked or in sauces. But these guys were not only ADORABLE but also DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!! Nice and tart and snappity.

Today I sent a 1st batch of sample scarves and patterns to my publisher. I have lots of 80% finished scarves here, so I sent her the stuff that was 100%. I tweaked MOST of my patterns (which kinda took forever) to make them more easily explainable in a pattern, and I also tried to use more yarns that are readily available (i.e. ya don’t necessarily have to order them online like I do!), without skimping on style of course!

I don’t have to take the final photos until after their pattern-tester tests everything, but I wanted to stick in some photos as place holders so she could see. I’m putting the photos I took today behind a cut, because, there’s nothing new that you haven’t seen before!

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  • Ambi


    Oh my gosh- I want that sushi scarf!!! It is toooo cute! <3

    • I’ve actually never posted one for sale because it is SOOO particularly time-consuming to make!! Now everyone will be able to make their own 😛

  • Jamie


    Wow Twinkie-chan, I LOOOOVE the pink grapefruit and candy button ones!!! Candy buttons are the best XD!

    • The pink grapefruit one didn’t do that well on eBay the one time I made one for sale, so I thought that everyone thought it sucked! 😛

      • Jamie


        Aww no way! I love the color combination of bright pink and yellow!

  • RachelG


    I love, love, love the grapefruit and candy dots! Oh and the Bomb Pop too. Congrats on your book, can’t wait ’til it comes out.

    • I really want to use the grapefruit pattern to do a citrus medley scarf!

  • erin


    I LOVE!!! the grapefruit one!!!! goodness!

    • i never thought anyone liked it cuz it sorta bombed on ebay a long time ago!

  • hayley


    i love the egg and bacon one! the sushi one is divine and the pink grapefruit is so cute!!

    • i kept a bacon and egg one for myself!

  • Sarah


    Twinkie-Chan!! You’re a crochet-machine! These are amazing!! I love the bacon and eggs one 🙂

    • I do have help from my elf Rita and her sister for my book samples! i would be up poo creek without them!

  • Meeschamouse


    I’m doing a happy dance for this book to come out 😀 I’ve been practicing my crochet jitsu just for this occasion! :3

    Is there a date for the book release or is too early >.:D

    • It’s supposed to be fall 2010 but you really never know what might happen.

  • MK


    I love the grapefruit scarf too!

  • Polly


    Awww they’re all so adorable! I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been reading avidly ever since. I love your style and sense of fun!

    • Thanks so much for reading! It means a lot to me!

  • Shelbi


    Oh, I can’t wait for your book to come out. 😀 Are these the only ones that will be in it?

    • no no no this is only the 1st batch!!! i think there will be 21 patterns. we’ll see.

  • Steffany


    when will your book come out??
    i wanna learn to make your scarfs so I can make some for my friends :]

    • Publishing takes forever 😛 I’m delivering it at the end of the month but i won’t be out until Fall 2010 🙂

      • steffany


        okay 😀 it shall be on my next years wishlist :DD

  • Jules Chan


    I’ve got 2 godsons lined up for your book already. ALL your scarves look fantastic, well done.

    • I will have to give you a copy to give to them!

  • Kayleigh


    (hi again, it’s wuvvlepop from etsy!)

    I hope your book will be on sale in the UK, i’m dying to get my hands on it! I’ve just learnt crochet this very week, it’s much easier than knitting. I agree that your grapefruit scarf is super cute, i just think everyone’s a junk food addict 😀

    • Hm, I am actually not sure about the int’l distribution, but I will for sure sell some copies off my website, and I’ll definitely ship all over!

  • stafishtaylz


    SO excited about the book! I dont know that I can wait a whole year! Any thoughts on the avacado scarf to go in there?!?!

    • MMMMM since the avo and pear scarf are very similar in shape, I think I’ll have to choose one over the other!

  • trixie


    omg i’m so in love with that sushi one. damn that looks like it took a lot of patience to do. what a trooper you are! also lovelovelove the bacon & egg one. i love food that you can wear 😀

    • i basically want to walk around looking like a cupcake everyday!

  • WOW! I always love to see your stuff! You are inspiration personified!! You rock Twinkie! I wanna be as cool as you!! 🙂 x

    • aw, kitty, you are too too sweet!

  • Kira


    Mmmm delicious toast 🙂

  • Cassie


    Please please please make the sushi scarf for sale! I want it soooooooo bad! XD

    • You will be be able to buy it via YummyYou in less than a month, and it will be cost like a third of the price that I would charge to make it 🙂

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