Ice Creams and Dainty Gloves

I spent 3 hrs at the salon today getting my roots re-touched. Feels like a huge waste of time, BUT it is so much easier to style my hair right now!! PRICELESS!!!!!! I also made a pair of pink wristwarmers while I was there, so it wasn’t all a wash!

Last night, I worked on cleaning up my pattern for the Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone Scarf. I ended up changing the way I did the ice cream part a lot, and now it looks extra swirly!!! It’s a sucky picture, but you kinda get the idea.

I didn’t really change the color on purpose. I just ran out of green yarn!!

I think I am running out of steam on the Fun Stuff Round Ups. I think it’s much easier for me to just share cute stuff that I like from time to time, and not have the pressure to find EIGHT items at a time!! Here’s today’s selection!! You should be able to click on the images to go to websites.

Grey Capped Gloves!

I really love the pretty felted flower.

Silver Space Boots!!!

I’m REEEALLLY tempted to get a pair. I love silver shoes! But would I wear them? Would they go with my clothes? Do they have to?

And finally, a pretty candy-colored hair comb!

OK BYE!! Time to work more on my secret projects. Also I just realized I didn’t eat anything today. But I also need to package a bunch of things before the post office closes. Hmmm.

11 Comments on “Ice Creams and Dainty Gloves”

  • mel


    whooaaaa, those shoes are so awesome!!! i’m tempted to!

  • The boots are AWESOME! GET THEM! Shoes that fab can just be looked at if you dont wear them <3

    The soft serve design ROX! Love the 2 flav combo even if it was an accident!

    • it’s more and more tempting to buy them AHHHHH maybe i should sell more stuff and then get them!

  • Jules Chan


    Such a cute cone!!! and yoru hair looks good too, didnt see you on the way out.

    • Jodi always blows it out stick straight. I ran home and teased and curled it 😛

  • Emily


    Silver shoes match everything! I used to have a pair. Hmmmmm, could I pull that look off now? NO! LOL!!! So you should get them so I can pretend again.

    Love the ice cream cone!

    • Man i am still hesitant!!!!!!!!!!! Not just the color, but also just the idea of wearing a puffy boot!

  • Maggi


    Your hair turned out fab and I’m in love with those boots! *drool* Love the ice cream cone!

    • I know somebody who has those boots in several colors!

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