Checkout my NEW WIG!!! (video, natch)

Ok my new wig came in. And making a video with it was really stress relieving! Bye!

Wig Movie 2: Revenge of the WIG! from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

25 Comments on “Checkout my NEW WIG!!! (video, natch)”

  • Sarah


    Aww! Its cute! I think it makes you look younger rather than older. Wigs are a funny thing because they never look like the picture! Maybe if you rinse and air dry it the curls will turn into waves? After I wash my wigs (with special wig shampoo) I noticed that the shape is never the same from the time I first take them out of the package.

    • Hmmm, I always thought they were supposed to bounce right back after a wash! Maybe I’ll try!!!

      Hairy agrees with you that it looks like a little girl wig and not an old lady wig!

  • Beth


    Since it’s real hair, you can probably loosening up those curls. It really doesn’t look as bad as you are thinking. Really. 🙂

    • I guess it just doesn’t seem like hair I’d actuall have! 😛

  • mel


    lol, that was a funny video. dont worry, you’ll look great! can i see bibi in it pleeeeease??

    • HAHHAH I’ll see if she’ll actually be still for that.

  • Kassia


    You’re so funny. The wig isn’t bad. It’ll be interesting to see what you do with it as far as maybe straightening the two sides out and making the back even.

    • Yeah I’m not sure how much can be done about the back, or else you’ll see the edge of the wig!

  • tiah


    Where did you get that wig? I think it’s really cute! I wouldn’t mind getting one!

    • i think i got it on a site called Hair Sisters!

  • CurvyQ


    It’s super crute! Looks good on you. I’d call it, “graduated Betty Boop.” The years after the finger wave.

    • AHAHHA betty boop, the later years.

  • Megalina


    I think I’m of the little old lady persuasion; add some pearls and maybe one of those rain shielder bonnet things you’d be the perfect little old lady 🙂 I think if you can get the curls to loosen up then it will be ok. But seriously, you’ll rock whatever hair you decide to go with.

    • the upside is that i now have the perfect hair to go to ladies luncheon!

  • Sophie


    I think the wig looks good! If you straighten it then recurl the way you want?

  • Jessie


    i think it looks
    different but cute 🙂

    • i keep hoping it will grow on me!

  • Onjoli


    Ha! Funny video. I actually think it looks cute. If it really bothers you, maybe just flat iron it a bit and add your own curls to whereever you want. Also, by “dip” washing it in the sink then hanging it wet to dry it might tame it a bit then you can start to style it from scrath. (my bff wears wigs for fun and we are always experimenting:)

    • that’s awesome that you have so much wig experience!!! i will give it a dip!

  • Becca Love


    haha best video evar!

    I thought it looked cute until you compared it to all the hilarious photos. You should try to find a salon for Orthodox Jewish ladies where they style wigs like pro’s.

    • but then wont they style it to look like an orthodox jewish lady?

  • Becca Love


    lol, some of them are stylish ladies!

  • Jules Chan


    I LOVE your video!!! I want one or it for my blog!!! Especially with Sam in it : )
    Anyhoo I think its abit short and curly but somehow, you still manage to make it look betty boop cute. But still if you could pull it out abit with the hair dryer, it would look abit better. Dont forget to try underneath otherwise you wont be able to send it back! Good luck!

  • Melanye K


    seriously i was having a stressful day and this video made me a millions times happier 😀

    The wig is cute but I see what you’re saying too. A dip in water should do the trick. or maybe blow it out some and then set it on some hot rollers for a looser curl that will hang more? I don’t know but I think you’ll be cute no matter what 😉

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