Three Apples – Celebrating Hello Kitty’s 35th!!!

Hello Kitty has graced everything from coin purses, erasers, and gum, to toasters, couture, and diamond jewelry. She has long been a muse to artists & designers worldwide and has brought smiles to fans 35 years. Now, in honor of her 35th Anniversary celebration, Sanrio is proud to bring an event to the U.S. like nothing America has seen before!

Three Apples is a multi-dimensional exhibition and celebration of all things Hello Kitty running from October 23 to November 15. The celebration will kick-off with a VIP gala opening event, followed by a three-week residence at Royal/T café / shop / art space in Culver City, CA. Three Apples is open to the public and free of charge and will feature an art exhibition, unique product and design displays, a one-of-a-kind shop, and special events for fans of all ages – all celebrating Hello Kitty!

There is a fashion show on November 14, so that’s the secret project I have been trying to work on while also working on my book samples! All the art and outfits will be for sale.

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  • Kammi


    I’d love to go! Too bad I live all the way in hawaii.

    • I feel ya even tho I’m already in California. I want to go to opening night AND the fashion show, but even just a hotel is more money than i want to spend!

  • Mary C.


    I thought you weren’t a Hello Kitty fan? I’d love to go, it’s times like these I wish I lived one state over ;P

    • I am not a big fan of wearing hello kitty or buying stuff with her face on it for my own wardrobe etc, but I do love the pop culture aspect of it and am excited to participate!

      • Mary C.


        It does sound like an awesome event to be a part of. Kudos on being included! ^_^

  • CurvyQ


    OMG! Can’t wait to see it! I’ve been keeping up with other artists on Twitter and what they’re doing HK too.

    luv dat kitty.

  • is the fashion show going to be open to the public? it sounds so cute i have to go!

    • Yes, I believe all the events are free and open to the public, aside from an opening VIP night!

  • Morient


    Holy pig! Nov 14th is my birthday, and I have a SERIOUS Hello Kitty addiction (wearing 3 Hello Kitty items right now!) AHHH! I am only a 5ish hour drive away…I might have to do it!

    I guess I still have a few more weeks to turn my haphazard plan into reality. I hope I can go! 😀 Come on Sanrio Gods, make it happen!

  • Maggi


    Wowzers, this is too cool! Why oh why do I live on the East Coast! Royal T was already on my list of “Must Visit While in CA” and now it just moved to the top! lol Good luck with the fashion show!

  • katrina


    This is awesome!! Too bad I’m in NorCal and can’t make it out to LA this weekend. 🙁

  • Shrinkle


    HAHAHA! I was going to make a post IDENTICAL to this, but wasn’t sure when we’d be allowed to talk about it.

    I’m so excited. But it’s this weird mix of excitement and horror. Like, as the big day comes nearer, you absolutely can’t wait. But at the same time you are reminded of how little time we have to complete our outfits. And then FREAK-OUT MODE! I can’t wait to see what you are making.

    Finally we will actually get to hang out and not just say hi awkwardly while we’re eating dinner with our families or you’re trying to work while I’m messing up your booth!

    Are you going to the Hello Kitty goth nite before the fashion show? I am, and you should too!

    • I’m totally filled with horror, less the excitement part 😛 especially because my book was supposed to be due around the same time! But I got a 10 day extension on that, so, PHEW!!!!!!!!

      I’m trying to convince Hairy to go to the opening VIP night, but since the fashion show is is on a Saturday, I think will definitely be there!!! Not sure about goth night, tho………cuz that’s probably when we’d be driving down!

      Do you guys drive or fly down?

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