Adopt-A-Shrimp? Maybe?

SO I FINAALLLLY finished the sushi scarf sample for my pattern book. It took forever because (A) it takes forever anyway, lots of pieces, lots of sewing, lots of weaving-in-ends! but also (B) I tweaked the pattern a bit so that it would read a bit more cleanly and logically. I prefer the final look when I use a more complicated and less logical technique, but the result is still pretty decent with the simplified instructions. I normally am not a fan of shortcuts, but I still want the patterns to be understandable and executable!

While re-vamping my pattern for the EBI/shrimp, I ended up with a couple leftovers. It seems sad to just toss them, but I don’t know that anyone would want to wear them in the form of like a brooch or a hair clip!!! It’s kinda weird!

So, tonight, I will keep cleaning up the text of the sushi pattern and also fix some of the instructional graphics, and then I need to hustle and make the next project on my list. I have no idea how much or how little we can speak about this project, so here is just a teeeeny tiny peeksy…. ****EDIT**** Okay, I just got an email asking us not to post photos of designs, even though mine was really not a full-on sketch, but on the safe side, I deleted it! I’ll make a post about the event, though, tomorrow!

16 Comments on “Adopt-A-Shrimp? Maybe?”

  • Mara


    Can you sew two together and make a Nano holder? Or is that too fishy?

    • Hmm or i could just sew a white backing on and say it’s shrimp sushi!! I really have no idea if they are perceived as too fish to be cute! 😛

  • Shannon


    Where do I get a shrimp clip? I want one!

    • 😉 i should give them a rice bottom to make them a bit less flat!

  • Alzy


    I would totally love those shrimp if they were like plush. They’re super cute, but kind of flat. Steamroller shrimp haha!

    • I know! They were flat for the scarf 😛

  • Lady J


    Shrimp! What a cute idea! And your next project looks like it has something to do with a Hello Kitty cupcake? Two of my favorite things!

  • Cephikun


    They’re so cute! I think they would be cute patchwork on a vest or maybe chopstick holders? Thos cute short ones.

  • Myrinda


    My 6 year old daughter says to sew them on an elastic headband, then send one to her, lol!

  • jessa


    YES ! i’d totally wear shrimp hair clips.. or you could attach them to cat collars *cute*

    • AHHH I think the cat collar idea is really funny!

  • Rachel H


    Shrimpie fridge magnets!

  • Stephanie


    I guess I am really out of the loop, but are you writting patterns for your own book? Or is this a collaboration with other people?

    If you even are writing a book, where and when can I get one???

    • It’s for my own book, and it’s due to be released in Fall 2010…. so you have a while 🙂

  • Maggi


    I am so excited to see your book! I love crocheting things like this! Maybe you could sew some together and add a clip for a cell phone holder, lol.

  • Mary C.


    Now I just need to learn how to crochet and/or knit so that I can actually make sense of this book… I have about a year to learn, so I guess that’s enough time ;P

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