Strawberry Tissue Cozy & Snackitty Pix!

My mom asked me to make this for my auntie’s bday in Hong Kong! Click HERE if you want to see it bigger. I had a lot of fun making all the berries but they were kind of a pain to sew to the top, all in the correct direction and place. I wish that I would be ok with just gluing them on…that would be so much easier!! But for some reason, I have this idea in my brain that glue = bad if sewing is an option. What do you think?

I also updated It’s an eggriffic update…

In less yucky food news, here are a few snaps from Hairy’s phone of some of the snacks we have been enjoying!

Ok so this might belong in “yucky stuff” but I think it’s yum!!! We went to “Porridge King” for dinner and I ordered a red bean ice. It’s crushed ice, sweet condensed milk and some red bean mush. IT’S GOOD.

My favorite fro yo combo is original tart, with fresh strawberries, and Cap’n Crunch. I do not stray. Once I strayed, and it was super yucky, so, now I just get the same thing all the time!

Here I am eating a nutella banana crepe from Crepes a Go Go (I think that’s what it’s called), which is this little truck around DNA Lounge. It hit the late nite spot!

I am off to make more scarves!!! BYEEE!!!

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23 Replies to “Strawberry Tissue Cozy & Snackitty Pix!”

  1. Louplorange says:

    Please for the love of Mother Gaia, make more of those!!!

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      Haha πŸ˜› I plan to!!! After I make all my book samples!

  2. KupKake QT says:

    Where did you get that awesome cupcake shirt!? Who makes it!?

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      It’s from Loyal Army :). I bought it at their store in LA, but we have one here in SF, too.

      1. KupKake QT says:

        Thank you!! I just bought the same shirt and the uber cute sushi hoodie from Loyal Army!! Sweetness!

  3. CurvyQ says:

    OMG. I’m so food jealous. If I lived in Cali instead of the back woods of recessionville Michigan, I’d be soooo FAT.
    (*red bean nom nom)

    You have great genes.

    Love the auntie gift. Cover more things in cute fruit please.

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      I am totally getting fat!!!!!! It’s getting harder to hide!

  4. CurvyQ says:

    Oh stop! I don’t believe you atall, silly.

  5. Nicole says:

    Sewing is always going to be better quality than glueing if it is an option. The more effort you put into a creation the better it is going to be.

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      I agree!!!! I sometimes try to think of ways to cut the price down on my items, although I do take great pride in carefully making everything. It’s a tough call sometimes!

  6. Jules Chan says:

    That tissue box is cute, you should try selling stuff at GOD in HK, that would be good.
    Hung Dow Bing (red bean drink) brings back memories, havnt had one in years!!!

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      I’m Facebook friends with the co-owner of GOD! He’s buddies with my cousin. We’ll see…if I ever end up getting mass production, and if they’ll let me do something super Asian…like a chowmein scarf or fried rice!! πŸ˜›

  7. Jules Chan says:

    Wow fantastic, meant to be, work it girl!

  8. The cramped hand says:

    Love the cozy,You always make the best stuff.I’m with you on the sewing thing I know those glues work but it just feels like cheating.Can’t wait for your book to come out,I want one bad!

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      I can’t wait either!! These things take so long!!

  9. anne says:

    The cozy’s too adorable!

    On a super random and unrelated note, you’re kind of my style icon, haha. I wish I could dress half as cute as you! Also, what kind of eyeliner do you use? :]

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      Aw, that is super sweet!!! I especially don’t feel too stylish when I wear jeans and t-shirts so much!! But then I guess it all depends on what shirts and how you accessorize that count, too! πŸ˜› Ok, I suck at accessorizing as well….. I’m like Superman. I only wear like two things! πŸ˜›

      My eyeliner is Revlon Colorstay. I like it because a lot of eyeliner rubs or melts off my face. This one stays pretty put. The downside is that it’s self sharpening, so you never have a really fine tip.

  10. Are you going to start making hats and scarves again soon? I really really really want one (especially a cupcake hat! I would sell my soul for a cupcake hat!!)


    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      Hi there! I can’t just yet. I need this month to make samples for my book of patterns :/ but I’ll definitely get stuff up in November!

  11. Grace Lee says:

    OMG! That’s so cute! I love the cupcake hat too. Think you could make cupcake beanies or icecream sundae hats for my two girls?

  12. Grace Lee says:

    OMG! That’s a tooth ache for the eyes! I love it! Love the cupcake hat too. Think you could make a matching kids hats for my two girls??

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      aw, that’s so cute! i would love to, but i’m just so swamped right now with my big book project until november!

  13. Kira says:

    Youu are so cute Twinkie and not fat (hmm I’ve said this before!)
    AND I need that cupcake shirt youre wearing in the picture with the drink! Cupcakes are my favorite thing in the whole wrld…that sirt is adorable…

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