Maid of Honor Makeover Time! i.e. I NEED HELP.

red dress
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Soooooo, next month, I am going to be in my friend Margaret’s wedding (I also have to prepare a speech/toast!). I have known her since highschool, but she lived in Taiwan for many years after that. Now she lives in Houston where her man lives, so that’s where we will be going to celebrate with her! She asked me to be her maid of honor, altho, I really don’t know what that means. They are not really having bachelor/bachelorette parties or anything, plus, she’s in HOUSTON, so I’m not really sure what my duties are, if any, before the big day.

Here is a pic of the bouquet she is trying to get her florist to re-create, so you can see the wedding colors. They have changed a couple times, so I’m not really sure, but I think the three main ones are red, white, and light-orange. Since my dress is red, she suggested light orange or peach (not too pink) hair flowers. This has been an interesting adventure as well.

Anyhoo, my problem now is what to look like on her big day. It is HER big day, so I do not want to stick out like a sore thumb as the big freak from San Francisco. She is perfectly fine with me as I am, in my freakish glory, which I totally appreciate, but I also don’t want to look like a hot mess in somebody’s wedding. I dyed my hair back to mostly black for my brother’s wedding, but I just really don’t want to put my hair through going back to black and then going back to pink again. So HAIR is one problem. I see a few options:

1) eff it and just have dark pink hair + primary/blood red dress (ew?!)
2) dye hair RED to match dress (also ew?)
3) wear WIG (not my fav as is itchy and uncomfortable and hot)

I have been trying to find a wig that might work for me. Ideally, I would like a little bit of “bouffant” in the crown, but this seems difficult to come by unless you want Halloween Amy Winhouse hair.

Some options:

I feel like most of them are so smooth and flat on top that it will make my head look weird, but it’s hard to tell unless I put one on my head. If I had to pick between those 4, I would probably pick 1 or 4.


So I just threw on the shoes I own that mostly resemble heels. I’m told the other bridesmaids are wearing RED SHOES, so I guess I have to go get some red shoes!!! The bride said to just go to Payless Shoe Source and buy some cheap ones that I will never wear again.

Jewelry? OMG. I have no idea. I’m terrible with accessorizing properly… pearls? I always default to pearls because I think that’s what normal people wear. HAHAHAH.

Um, so any help in putting myself together would be really helpful!

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  • frankie


    hey chickee,
    so, honestly i would go as is fun hair and all, your friend loves you the way you are, and no matter what color your hair is, everyone’s focus will be on the bride and groom, you may think you stand out, but no one will give it a second thought (this is coming from a girl who had all hot pink hair for four years and many weddings) and if they do, they’re probably the type of person who just needs something to bitch about.
    if the bride didn’t give you any direction on what was needed shoe/accessory wise, just pull things together that suit your personality that you’ll use again.
    this is also advice coming from a bride to be who will have two guys w/ mohawks and two pink haired gals in her wedding party, lol.

    • Thanks for the advice!! I do tell all of this to myself as well! It’s kinda hard to make this dress my own…since it’s obvs never something I’d pick out myself!! πŸ˜› I also have this idea that Texas is a lot more conservative than San Francisco, and I don’t want the conservative Asian peeps to have a 2nd thought. I just want to blend!

  • theqbug


    I am totally going to find you the awesomest shoes and jewelery. I needed something to do tonight lol.

    Also, I think wig #2 is GORGEOUS but it would prob overpower your body. So, I’d go with wig #1 if you go with a wig at all. Have you considered doing a temporary hair dye? You could put a black comb-through or something in there. Even if you get a semi-perm color it’ll wash out in a few weeks…

    • I think that the less permanent darker dyes don’t cover the pink very well. One time, when I tried to cover it (At the salon), it ended up being a dark dark burgundy instead of brown. And then, another time, It was really really dark and impossible to get out! So I’m nervous about putting anything over it?

      • faeriesmak


        I had that happen too. My pink and brown mixed and turned out to be a mousy pinkish brown mess. See below comment from me!

  • Elysse


    No wig. That will look silly, and you’ll be worried about it moving around on your head all night instead of your big speech!

    Maybe go for more black on your hair, but definitely keep the pink. If you go red, you’ll just match your dress too much, and you’ll look like a giant tube of lipstick. I think the pink looks fine with the red, and you’ll have no problem pulling it off.

    If you keep pink in your hair, keep your jewelry toned down. Pearls could work, especially if you can tie some pearly details to your hair flower accessory.

    You know how to find me if you need some more suggestions/help. <3

    • Thank you, lovey! Too bad about looking like a tube of lipstick. That option almost seemed like the best compromise! On paper, at least!

      • Elysse


        As everyone is saying, being yourself is the best option. I don’t think you should be looking for a “compromise”. Your friend knows what you look like (unless she’s blind?), and chose you for a reason.

        You are putting too much pressure on your outfit. I’d be more worried about the speech!

        • Yeah for some reason, I am not sweating the speech so much. I feel like most speeches at weddings aren’t that dazzling anyway, and I do have a way with words *wink wink* but what people are looking at forever are the stupid photos!

  • faeriesmak


    I think you just just stick with being yourself! No need to dye things other colors or be “normal”. Just do it up your way and be proud of the cute hot mess that you are! XOXO

    • OMG we need tshirts now. Proud to be a hot mess!

      • faeriesmak


        Oh totally! I bet you could sell them on your esty shop as well!!!

  • Im with the no wig crew! The dress and your hair were meant to be together! OX

    • I think I would feel better if my hair were more of a baby pink + red dress. I always thought my darker pink hair + red dress were just really really off, but maybe it’s not as bad as I think it is!

      • If the pics are a true representation (i mean the color and saturation, etc) it really does look GREAT! It make your hair pop and I don’t think they compete at all

  • CurvyQ


    I agree with letting your fun flag fly. You are you and you are beautiful.

    If really concerned with your hair, for the sake of your pal, I’d go with a blunt bob type black wig. All of those styles above are very long and I hear Texas is.. umm like hot and stuff. Or how about doing an updo and adding more black by way of hairpeices?

    I’m interested in the shoes and jewels you decide on. Pwease show us the final Chan product.

    • I will def have final pictures once I’ve figured it all out!

      I am starting to look at some shorter wig options, too. For some reason, it didn’t cross my mind before!

  • Morient


    Let me just warn you, don’t do red hair with red dress! I have been dying my hair bright red for years and there is NO red that looks good with my hair, it always clashes and looks horrible. πŸ™

    You could try buying spray-on black dye, it’s like hairspray but with color that washes out in 1-2 washes. You’ll want higher quality stuff than the $1 cans sold at Halloween, but it could work! Only downside is it might cause permanent darkening on pre-bleached hair…color test it on a small chunk before full head use to make sure your hair doesn’t soak it up!

    • I posted once in the Livejournal pink hair community, and didn’t seem like anyone had really good luck with black hairsprays. Bummer! I also asked my colorist if she knew anything and she said no! booo!!

  • Megalina


    I would stay pink (regular) or bleach and be pink (light) or bleach the pink out and go orangey…orange is super easy to cover with pink when you’re over the orange and light orange/peachy is not as hard to match with red.

    I’m glad that the wedding I have coming up my friend told me I had to be sure to dye my hair only a few days before so it would be extra pink and that the dresses are going to be ivory with green ribbons.

    • ahhh you are going to look much cuter than me at that wedding! πŸ˜‰

      there was a certain reason she picked these dresses, too, that had to do with the other bridesmaid. we all had to match, so we kinda got stuck with whatever would work on her.

  • Jules Chan


    Hi – You know I have to have my say too dont you?
    I think the pink clashes with the red, but yes, you do look gorgeous in it anyway, but 1. Its in Texas (not San Franny, where anything goes) and 2. If you dont want to stand out in the photos, with both the red and pink – you definitely will! I know your friends accept you as you are anyway but as a wedding picture that will be around for years to come, it would be nice to blend abit more I think.
    Your so cute anyway that you could pull off any wig and make it not look wiggy. Then you could stick some accessory (flower) in your hair and forget the jewellry. Viola! One hot chick that somewhat blends, altho you know you’ll never fully blend dont you?
    Hope that helps, good luck and if you need any help with hair, let me know : )

    • Thanks, Jules!!! Basically everyone is advising to just be myself, which I totally appreciate for sure. But I’m with you. I would kind of just rather be invisble that day…as invisible as you can be with a full sleeve of course…..!!!

      I’m starting to look at some shorter wigs, too!

  • matsuribot


    What about a black 3/4 wig? It would cover most of the pink but still have the front bit showing so you’d still have some of your own personality showing. Also, it’s easier to wear, blend, and it’s not as hot. You could tie a cute scarf/headband to help blend, or tuck in some flowers.

    Since it’s a halter neckline, I say skip the necklace all together. Go for a pair of dangly earrings, a chunky or bold bracelet, and cute pair of pumps (much like the ones you’re wearing!)

    • OOoooh the 3/4 wigs remind me of the hair pieces they put on the tots in Toddlers and Tiaras! (Am I the only one who watches that show religiously….?) I have to figure out if I can put my real hair up enough to look ok with a 3/4. time to go play at a wig shop!

  • Poppy


    As a pink haired woman too, I like pink and red together – but I also have no fashion sense so maybe should shouldn’t listen to my opinion…

    Perhaps you could offer to the bride to wear a wig for the ‘official’ wedding photos. While it is her big day and people will be paying attention to her, the photos will be the visual memory for the rest of her life, and you’ll probably (unintentionally!) stand out more than her in them. Then for the rest of the wedding go free!

    • I think after I wear the wig, My real hair will be kinda ruined and flattened from being in the wig cap! It’s a good idea, tho!!! I’m into it!

  • Sophie


    I think you are you with the pink hair! If you decide that you need to look really matching-y then I would go with the wig πŸ˜›

    • it’s too bad you cant return wigs you buy online. i would love to try a bunch on, but the wig shops i’ve been to in person before were not very inspiring!

  • Mike


    I live in Houston, and right now it is cooling down and considering the wedding is next month, if you do decided to wear a wig, the weather should be more than fine for that.

    I busted out laughing when you said you think Texas is a little bit more conservative than San Fran. I’m sure other parts are but where I live it is most definitely not!

    I think you should just go as is! I love your hair, I would die if you got rid of it, even for a few days for something like a wedding. (no offense to your friend, of course.)

    • I think I already stick out when I just leave the city of San Francisco! πŸ˜›

      Yeah, I still have to think about it….!

  • Oh oh I know! Looks like from her flower arrangement that she is going to be also incorporating white accents? I think by throwing some white into the mixture, this will keep your pink hair from feeling like it clashes too much with the red. I might also have a few white extensions put in your hair and or wear a white or white and black hair bow. To balance it out, I think an (white/pearly/crystaly) accessory from Tarina Tarantino would help. She’s kinda expensive which I’m sure you know but really does make the best pieces for wedding accessories!

    I would maybe rethink the wig…weddings are uncomfortable as it is, the wig might make you feel crazy!

    • I had to wear a wig when I went to China for a family thing, so, yes, wigs are DEF not my favorite!!

      I can’t really use a lot of white accents, I think, because the bride’s hair flower is white, and she seemed to emphasize the “light orange”peach for us maids! Kind of a tough color to use.

      A white and black hair bow owuld be really cute, tho!!!! I did cruise the TTarantino site for her light orange stuff. I’m not sure I super fell in love with any specific. I should give it another looksie!

      THANK YOU!!!

  • Kimi


    I have a feeling that this might not be “you”, but have you considered pulling your hair back into an updo type style (I do this when I want to go more low key and hide some of my color), and even possibly putting some clip in falls to cover more of the pink? Might be more comfortable than a wig, and you wouldn’t have to change your real color at all.

    For jewelry, I can envision you in some classy chunky gold bangles. This might be a personal preference but I don’t normally wear necklaces with a halter neckline. If you DO pull your hair back, you can also rock some great earrings. Pearls are good, but maybe a tiny bit too boring and conservative for being Twinkie chan! πŸ™‚

    My two pence…

  • MK


    Tough situation there–to dye or not to dye. I only suggest the wig idea if you have previous wig experience–I don’t so I’m not sure what all is involved with them and how comfortable/uncomfortable they really are. My only concern would be your current hair color matching the dress as you stated. :-/ Too bad you can’t wear a different color dress, like black.

    Jewelry? I’m all about bracelets. I’d rather wear a bunch of sparkly bracelets and nix the necklace. That could be a way to go. It’s a little funky but still can be conservative…in a way. LOL

  • Meeschamouse


    I ‘had’ to wear a wig in my sister’s wedding. I have pink hair as well and at first they weren’t going to let me in the wedding whatsoever but after a while they settled on a wig. Their wedding was in the middle of summer and it was 98 degrees out and my entire head felt like it was on fire.

    If you don’t have to wear a wig, i wouldn’t, but you can also check out 3/4 wigs. They sit on the back of your head (the crown) and you just comb some of you bangs over and none’s the wiser πŸ˜› That way you have a little pink but not all pink and your head can still breathe! Just a though >.<

  • Ana


    I totally go with Jules Chan. In my opinion the flower accessory idea is fabulous! Choose a short wig style & stick in a outrageous flower & you’re good to go!!!!

  • Jen


    I got a link here from a friend and wanted to say that i absolutely <3 your hair as it is!

    If i had the courage, i’d totally stick pink in my hair. LOL.

    As for your predicament though, i can understand not wanting to stick out and take the notice form the bride and all, so looking at the wigs you chose, i’d say try 1.

    You have a squarish shaped jaw and quite a heart shaped face, so my honest opinion is try 1. It doesn’t look like it will weigh you down as much as 3 or 4 and i think with it having a less busy hairstyle like 3, it will excentuate your face more, and look REALLY cute.

  • Hannah


    If you really do think you’ll feel selfconscious (I think the hair looks fab with the dress!) instead of dyeing your hair, have you considered covering it up with a headscarf or turban or something?
    You could cover the pink parts and kind of pull out strands of black hair…

    • wow!! yeah i don’t think i’m cool enough for a turban!

  • kira


    I agree with most on here saying no need to wear a wig for the wedding! But I do have a question, what Web site are you using to look at wigs?

  • BItsy B.


    Hmmmm…the dress looks adorable on you! As for the hair, you could just buy some black hairspray to wear for the day. But if you bought a wig, I would definitely go with option #3 since that seems to have the most volumized curls and would go with the dress better. Your regular eye makeup could be used (maybe with some glitter liner?), with some added red lipstick to match the dress. Some red heels with ankle straps would be a great match! And no-no to the pearls! Go for some cute chunky pewter colored chain necklaces (like from Betsey Johnson), some cute black dangly earrings, and a black or purple cuff with some studs or something. And voila! Perfect, adorable wedding outfit! And where did you find those uber-awesome wigs? I need one for my lolita outfits! But good luck and happy wishes to your friend! =^.^=

    • thank you so much for the ideas!!! im totally trying to find shoes. AH!!!!!

      also i found the wigs on eBay πŸ™‚

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