Tiffany Star @ Candybar!

Last night, Hairy and I had quite the random adventure! The weather was really rainy and poo-y and I didn’t super feel like leaving the house, but I also wanted to support my cute neighbor Tiffany Star‘s art show at Candybar.

******EDIT********* She posted some pics in her journal! Right here.

As it turned out, we had a delightful evening!! We headed over to Candybar around 8:30ish. I got a Strawberry Kiss, which was sparkling wine, ginger ale, and some strawberry syrupy stuff. It was num num! Hairy got a michelado which was beer, lime juice, salt, and tabasco. I think he bonded with the bartender over the delightfulness of his bev. The desserts were really strange! I can’t even remember how to repeat them!! But I figured that we should try one, and we ordered something called the Fudgsicle, which included CANDIED CORNNUTS!!!

I was also so so so so happy to have some time to chat with Miss Tiffany. Not only is she super adorbs, but she is also a really talented painter! We were eyeing some of her smaller pieces, but unfortch they were not for sale :P. She and I bumped into each other at DNA Lounge once a couple years ago, and then, while walking our dogs, we discovered we were kinda neighbors!

I’m stealing some close-ups of her larger works for sale from her myspace!

Her bf Daniel is also super duper nice. A bunch of us went to Bagdad Cafe afterwards for eats. Neither Hairy nor I have ever been to this place. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!! It is open 24 hrs, and is yummier than Sparky’s!! I had a waffle and Hairy ordered a SLOPPY JOE!! AWESOME!! We also had a taste of Tiffany’s gravy on a french fry, and I must say that the gravy is EXCELLENT!!

Her friend snapped a pic of us at Candybar, but, as per usual, I did not bring my camera since I know myself and would be too shy/awkward to ask for a photo. HAHA. If that photo ever surfaces, I will steal and share!

I was super tired afterward and fell asleep on the couch around midnight. Then Hairy woke me up at 4am to take a shower and go to bed. Then I couldn’t fall asleep even tho my eyes totally hurt. Typical!

I have one cupcake scarf commission to knock out and then I have to super focus on making samples for my book. I only have a month!! YIKES!!!

Oh, P.S.!! Tiffany is selling a pair of the black Jeffrey Campbell Unicorn Heels in size 5 1/2, I think. Let me know if you are interested! I think she’s selling them for $50. No box.

10 Comments on “Tiffany Star @ Candybar!”

  • Cuuuute paintings!
    Do the shoes run true to size, ’cause omg.

    • mmm I have no idea. I think she mentioned that she wears a 6 in JC flats, but a 5.5 in the heel, so they might run a bit big?

  • Megalina


    Your drink sounds amazing! I’m going to have to remember it. I’m pretty naivee when it comes to drinks; and tend to only like sweet drinks; so that one sounds perfect.

    • I also only like drinks that taste good…welll…as good as alcohol can possibly taste!

  • Jules Chan


    Cute paintings, and you shoulda put a pic up of her shoes : )

    • ahh i was too lazy!!! i blogged about them in my last “fun stuff round up” 😛

  • aunt sherrie


    Hi Stephanie (Matt’s auntie) Target has a special on the big sexy hair stay and play spray right now – (at least here in mpls) buy one get one free – so if you like it – you may want to check it out!

    • Hi!!! Ah, thanks so much for the heads up (no pun intended)! We are going to Target tonight anyway so I will check!!

  • well, gave the shoes one more chance and success! I wore them and walked in them without any problems. I think I was nervous not having the usual mary jane type strap keeping my foot completely secure. Thanks again for the shout out! Tea this weekend maybs?

    • Well I am glad it worked out!!!! I have these cute wedgy loafer things from Irregular Choice that totally just fall off my heel when I walk because there is no strap. those things are useless!!!!

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