Cloudy With A Chance of Prime Rib

This weekend we saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in RealD 3D. The movie was really cute. How could I not like it? It’s filled with GIANT FOOD!! We took a pic with the three of us in our 3D glasses but (A) they kind of look like our normal selves with our normal glasses and (B) we think that Manda has the pics on her phone! But I didn’t think the 3D effect was as good in this movie as when we watched My Bloody Valentine in RealD.

When I said on Twitter that I don’t really like watching animated movies, I felt like I had just said Santa Claus didn’t exist. It reminded me of the time I mentioned that I don’t actually like eating the frosting on cupcakes, and the internet gasped. It’s true, I refuse to watch Lilo and Stitch to this day. I have no idea why. I think it has to do with that I think they made her eyes too far apart or something….ANYWAY!!!

We also celebrated my dad’s birthday by going to Broadway Prime for prime rib. I thought it would be neat to make him home-made spicy beef jerky since he likes super spicy stuff, so Hairy made (what I am told) is incredible Thai Spicy Jerky!!! (It’s too spicy for me to try!) I think it was a hit, though, and I’m excited to try to formulate a Hamburger-flavored jerky!

I never remember to bring my point and shoot anywhere, so these pics from dinner are from Hairy’s iPhone!!

It was served with popovers (yum!), a choice of potatoes ( most of us got the garlic mash), and a choice of creamy corn or creamy spinach. I got the spinach, but it was ALL CREAM AND NO SPINACH. I couldn’t eat it. It was like eating spoonfuls of butter with some green flecks inside of it.

Tonight, while Hairy was out, I finished off the rest of my prime rib with my hands. I admit, that when I eat alone, at home, I usually eat REALLY fast and REALLY gross!!!! There’s no time to linger. There’s other stuff to do!!! LIKE MAKE STUPID VIDEO CLIPS! I didn’t even bother to warm up the meat. But that’s ok… it was easier to pry off the cubes of FAT!

9 Comments on “Cloudy With A Chance of Prime Rib”

  • i must say, i almost gasped after reading the cupcake icing thing! LOL XD

    you’re always so adorable in your vids! 🙂 + u always pick out the bestest music evar for them! 😉

    • omg i sheepishly admit that sometimes i have to think a long time and go thru several songs before deciding which one to use 😛

  • chinamommy


    hate that lilo & stitch…. I’ve been to Hawaii twice & never saw any girls that looked like lilo- thank goodness! watched a few min of that movie & then wandered off to pick lint out of the dryer…
    icing… yuck!

  • MK


    I think the book is way better. I grew up reading and re-reading Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. You should check it out sometime. The pictures are great!

    • Yeah, I think when it’s book-to-movie, you kind of have to assume that the book will probably be bettter!!! Except Princess Bride. That book is hardly readable…..!

  • mel


    the book is waaay better. cause in the movie everythings big and stupid. but in the book the food fits on the freakin plate.

    • in the book it never gets giant?

  • mel


    im checking amazon, its been a long time, (like first grade) ah, sorry book spoiler. well in the BEGINNING everything is pretty portioned, but something or other happens, bad food weather, and there actually is a ginourmous pancake.
    annnd, my computer is being stupid and wont send me the link…

  • Emily


    Yay!! More chipmunk voices!!! LOL!!!

    I’m taking my boys to see that movie this weekend!

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