Some Pics of the Cake Clutch in Progress!

I wanted to take some progress pics of the cake clutch while the sun was still out. It’s not done yet. It still needs the zipper installed (which also has the cherry zipper danglies) and possibly a purse snap for the flap. The pom poms and button are just laying on top, un-attached.

Here was the sketch:

Here’s the real deal:

There’s a pocket inside, too. You can also see the D-rings to optionally snap on a chain.

It actually came out a bit smaller than I had planned! But it’s still pretty cute. I carried a mohair blend with gold sparklies along with my Cascade 220 in the white layer cake. Pink + gold = <3 I also decided to make a zipper pouch (no zipper yet). No pocket inside. No flap. Just a pouch. It also came out pretty cute. The cookie button is just laying on top for the pic. I don't think I'm keeping it. Now I kinda want to stick a pearl there!

I carried a blue mohair blend with silver sparklies in the Cascade 220 for the blue “frosting.” The mohair blend with sparklies is pretty cool! But it’s also $20+ a ball, so I don’t think I would use it regularly. I might try to find a sparkle alternative.

So yup, I gotta sew in some zippers, maybe glue some pom poms, and I’m set! The blue one is still damp, but, it’s the best I can do for my trip tomorrow!

I’m still working on a grapefruit scarf to take, too.

So I must go. But I will leave you with this important message:

(Yeah… that was actually part of a 4 minute long video about my weird wallet collection, which I decided was boring!)

(p.s. anyone know a WordPress plug-in for automatically adding a signature at the bottom of your journal entry? I’d uploaded my Twinkie Chan “signature” onto Photobucket, but apparently I ran out of bandwidth. Would be great to not have to enter it in for every entry!)

13 Comments on “Some Pics of the Cake Clutch in Progress!”

  • Oh. My. God. That is beyond adorable.

    As for WordPress, I need to figure out the same thing.
    I can ask my webmaster, he knows about everything, haha.

    • Ahhh yes! Thank you!! I think I looked for one before, but I have, like, plug-in-search retardation problems….

  • Jasmine


    OMG! Those are a million times cuter than I even imagined. I love it. Any idea how much they are going to be sold for? I want to start saving up now. 😉

    Oh, also any word on when more pickle pillows will be in?

    • AHHH i need to order more fabric for the pickle pillows! i’d been focusing on updating my Butter Buddy button pack instead!! I will get on it, tho 🙂

      Also, regarding pricing for the bags, the clutch would be more expensive than the pouch. I usually sell my pouches for like $65. I think the blue one would go for about $60 and the Pink one would go for $75 or $80. I haven’t priced them yet, because I haven’t actually completed one 😛

  • stephiee


    that cake clutch is SOO mine!

  • I just keep repeating myself with every post you make! BUT (((WOW))) everything you make is friggin awesome! You are an unbelievable designer – ROCK ON!

  • Gosh, I love these clutches!! I love how you just dream up some uber cool idea, and then can just make it! You have super talent!

  • Jules Chan


    Wow, talk about bringing your creative thoughts to life, bloody marvelous is what I say : )

  • Hezzywoo


    Best thing you have EVER made methinks???!!! x

  • Kacie


    Where is your super cute pink ring from?! I need oneeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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