Quickie WIWT + Random Photoshop stuff!

This is the first time I asked Hairy really quick to take my WIWT pic before we jumped into the truck to deliver a big pile of dirt to my mom (long story). It’s kinda fuzzy cuz he used his iPhone!

Dress: “Audrey”, a purchase on sale from a little boutique in Little Osaka on our L.A. trip
Necklace: Twinkie Chan/Faeriesmak collab! (will be posted to Etsy some time next week!)
Shoes: Em&Sprout

So now I have my new dream hair picture. I saw it while looking at somebody’s MySpace page:

I have ‘fro envy. I know that’s really weird. I would actually give up pink hair if I could have a perm, but I’d have to grow out my color before perming my hair, and I don’t think I have that kind of patience!!

Okay, so Zwzzy twittered that she wish she were a friend of lions. So I photoshopped this delight in like 2 seconds:

I think she appears to be at home in the Savannah with her pride. So joyous!!

Also, I was on the hunt for some hair accessories to wear as maid of honor in my friend Margaret’s wedding in October. She asked me to find something peach-colored, so I made this collage for her to help me pick:

She picked 3 or 4. I’m picking 4 because the red picks up the color of the dresses (I know, primary red and peach are really weird colors…..there is a story behind that… plus I think I might dye my hair red for that to keep the number of strange colors down!!). Lots of people on Flickr seemed to like 3 because of the sproingy feathers, but I’ve never worn feathers in my hair before!

On Friday night, Hairy, Manda and I had Thai food in Mountain View and then saw Inglorious Basterds. It was good times. See it! I especially enjoyed the Italian hand gestures.

I’m a bit crazed right now, because I’m going to Vegas on Tuesday, just for the day, to check out the MAGIC tradeshow and to take a meeting with a company my peeps have been talking to. It was suggested that I bring some samples. But you guys know me. I don’t usually have much stock laying around, so I’ve been trying to make some purses and maybe a grapefruit scarf to bring. The clock is ticking. I best get back to work!

11 Comments on “Quickie WIWT + Random Photoshop stuff!”

  • Jen


    You’re too funny! I totally have fro envy too!! I would give anything for some disco hair!

    • Sadly, I would probably look really horrible with a fro. My dad had one in the 70s. Did yours? Maybe it’s genetic…!!!!

  • Harpy


    Oh man, I wish you were going to be at Magic on Wednesday (my borthday), when I’ll be there! A thousand times poo! Ah well, I hope all goes well with your meeting.

    • Ahhhh that does suck!!!! Thank you!! yeah, since i”m just in and out for the day, I hope I am not too exhausted to function!

  • Poppy


    I love your shoes and that photoshop is too hilarious.

  • Pam


    I adore your style.
    that fro would look good on you.
    It’s seem different than usual fro’s.

    • Hehe I think that fro is not just a big round bubble. it’s kind of flatter on top and wider on the sides.

  • malinda


    love love love hair piece #4

    and I must go to little osaka immediately!

    • If you live in LA , then, yes!! you must!

      • malinda


        I do, I do!!! Husband and I have monthly trips to Little Tokyo for our subscriptions so we will just have to check out little osaka and make it part of our regular rotation!

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