It’s not a real trip til ya get 2 parking tickets! (video and pics!)

Soooo, our quickie whirlwind trip to Disneyland/L.A. was everything an all-American McDonald’s advertisement will have you believe: FOOD, FOLKS, and FUN. Galore. Times infinity. Plus more food.

Here’s the four of us at Disneyland.

This might be my favorite pic from the trip: me and the little lady on the beach at Santa Monica Pier!!!

It was a reference to the fact that I feel weird about witnessing people putting their hands in someone’s butt pocket in public! I would like to state for the record that Manda started it. She’s a cheeky little monkey. Pun intended. But clearly she was too afraid to commit to the whole hand. Look at me, digging for gluteus gold!

Here’s my most genius video montage. Trust me. 6 minutes seems like a long video, but if you can make it to at least about 3:57, you’ll be greatly rewarded!!

Disneyland / LA TRIP! from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

All the other awesome pics are behind the cut!!!

So Hairy and I left San Francisco around 9:30-9:45pm. We passed thru Gilroy around 10:30 and drove thru Sonic to get some junk foods!! I had chili cheese tots and a chocolate shake, and Hairy had a cheeseburger. They forgot his jalapeno poppers, but he said it was a blessing in disguise.

We got to the Beverly Laurel Motel (thanks for the rec, Michelle!) around 3:30ish am. Our room was cute and kitschy with a bean-shaped table, and our bathroom was strangely GIGANTIC and covered in stone! Here’s me on the stone bench! It was kind of the worst shower in the world, though, because the head was messed up and sprayed REALLY hard and REALLY all over the place. It was impossible to keep your hair dry or your nuts protected. (Not my nuts.)

The next day, we drove to Disneyland and met up with Manda and Didi. We arrived MUCH later than I thought we would, but we had hardly any sleep the night before, and we are at the advanced age when sleep is croosh!

Anyhoo, we got there pretty much close to noon, and as luck would have it, as we were descending the escalator from the parking structure, Manda and Didi were at the foot of the escalator already, just having changed their shoes in the car. We all hopped onto the tram together

and headed straight for the corn dog stand!! MMM!! Lindsay, this weiner is for you!

I really can’t recall what order we did all the rides on. All I can tell you is that it was FREAKING HOT AND HUMID THAT DAY!! HOLY EFF!!! Every time I went pee, I also cleansed my armpits and refreshed my deoderant! This is why I need to carry a very large tote bag. I have all sorts of grooming and cleansing items in there!

Manda is ready to find lost treasures with Indiana Jones!

Ice cream/Frozen banana break!

OMG SWEATY!!! Plus the banana was a huge disaster. The stick was too short. The banana was too hard. That’s what she said.

Okay, y’all. So I made it to L-4 on the Buzz Lightyear ride, but for some reason, our picture didn’t get taken, and I have no proof!! BOOO!

At least I found my people.

I stole this from Didi’s digital scrapbook. It was pretty cool. If you visit her blog you can see the whole thing.

Jumping pics ensue!!! I can’t say there were many winners….. we try. We do try.

After Disneyland, we said goodbye to Didi, and then drove back to Hollywood, to grab a quick drink-in-a-pineapple at the Velvet Margarita, and to eat some late night grubs at Canter’s, not that we really needed it, but whatever!

Then we called it a night.

On Sunday, we were going to hit up the Citadel outlet to see the Betsey Johnson store, but we ended up not doing that. We started off the day by running downstairs and eating at Swinger’s for breakfy.

Then we moseyed over to Melrose and hit up Loyal Army, Tarina Tarantino, Johnny Cupcakes, and some gourmet grocery store-type-thing. Before getting into the car, we realized we were also next to Fred Segal. I kinda don’t get what’s so great about Fred Segal? Maybe it is just too “grown up” for my taste! We also randomly realized we were at the Melrose Betsey Johnson store, so we popped on in. I thought it would either be closed or PACKED due to the meet and greet party they were going to have, and the appearance Betsey was going to make in less than 2 hours, but we casually browsed. We kind of debated whether to come back to meet Betsey but 1) I felt really grubby and not prepared to be at any kind of party, and 2) I don’t think I would know what to do or say at one of those things!

So we continued on our adventures.

I think at that point, we got back into the car and thought we’d browse the other part of Melrose where stuff like UO and JapanLA are, but it was so freaking hot that nobody really felt like getting out of the car. EXCEPT, to get PINKBERRY and go to the bathroom at the fancy deli next door (where we also grabbed sushi so that I wouldn’t feel bad about using the loo!).

Back in the car, and I think we headed to Thai Town, so Hairy could….EAT MORE FOOD!!! We went to Ord Noodle, which he had read about, where you can get $3.50 bowls of noodles. Manda and I shared a pad thai.

After that, we popped back to our motel room to clean up just a little bit, and then, we set out to get….MORE FOOD!!! With Yume-Ninja and iamchubbybunny, both of whom I’d never met before! We went to a Korean/Japanese bbq place that was really yummy, and did NOT make your hair smell like grilled meats. BRILLIANT!!! Afterwards, we went and got MORE food at Milk. Brownie sundaes and milkshakes!!!!! And yes. We did purchase Ice Cream-opoly. I think we were probably the first and only people to ever buy it. Hairy said that the people who worked there seemed kind of shocked.

I think Hairy kind of wanted to see Inglorious Basterds that night, but I was WIPED OUT, so we kind of agreed to just stay in so we wouldn’t be too pooped the next day.

On Monday, we had to check out by noon. We decided to stop at Milk again for breakfy. Manda and I got breakfast sandwiches, and Hairy got a croissant and a parking ticket (the 2nd one!). We got the first one at the bbq place because we were stupid and didn’t notice that it was permit parking only! This time, I saw the street cleaning sign, but Hairy figured that the time was up in 20 minutes, plus, we were only popping in to grab food. Uh, like 10 minutes until noon, I saw the parking-ticket dude at our car. BUSTED!!

After this, instead of going to Citadel, we decided to try Little Tokyo. There was a store I wanted to go to, but I had planned to go on Sunday. As it turned out, it was CLOSED on Monday! BOOO! Since we were there anyway, walked around a bit, popped into a few shops, and then drove back to Beverly Hills to have lunch with our good pal Renee and her man Ian at Il Pistaio. We wandered around Rodeo Drive and chatted a bit (still steaming hot outside), and after parting ways with Renee and Ian, we decided to forgo Citadel again and go to Little Osaka. Renee had gotten me a cute present from Happy Six, and we wanted to see the rest of Little Osaka! Turns out it was a good move. Manda and I bought comfy dresses on sale from Happy Six, I got a pencil case from somewhere else, we popping into both Giant Robots and also Black Market, and I also got another cute dress on sale from this little boutique next to the bubble tea place…where we also got bubble tea!!!

Hairy felt like we were going to hit traffic on the way home. It was about 5pm by this time. So he thought we would drive by the water, just because. Turned out, we stopped at the Santa Monica Pier and had un-planned fun!!

Jumping pics!!

We ate funnel cake, churros, went on the rollercoaster twice cuz it nobody was waiting to get on it, took photobooth pics, and overall had a fab time!!!

We hit the road around 8pm and dropped Manda off at her house around 1:30am. Yes, we had McDonald’s for dinner. We’re really gross, but, hey, continuity: this journal began and ended with references to MickeyD’s!!

26 Comments on “It’s not a real trip til ya get 2 parking tickets! (video and pics!)”

  • trixie


    that corn dog looks so good right now. actually all the mentions of food have got me hungry! looks like it was a super fun trip!!

    • I usually only eat half so that I have room for more junk!

  • faeriesmak


    That looks like a LOT of fun! I love your candy cane necklace. Where did you get it? XOXO

    I have not been to Disney since I was a Junior in HS when we took some nasty bus to Florida for band. I actually think that I would enjoy it a lot more now that I am older. I also hear you on needing sleep when your age is..umm..advanced.

    I don’t know how you didn’t melt in that heat.

    • Hahahaha 😛 😛

      Yeahhhhh you should try it again. It’s delightful.

      ALso when it’s hot, I kind of give up and just give into the melting. Sad but true!

  • Haha, I fucking hate sand too!

  • piper....


    that was a mini novel! good thing it was entertaining and oh so cute!

    • Yeah, I didn’t take pics of EVERYTHING so had I fill in with….uh oh…. WORDS!! AHHH!!! 😛

  • sheppicakes


    Miss Twinkie Chan! My friend works at the Buzz Lightyear ride! I’ll see if he can get someone to track the day and time you were to see if your picture is there 😀

    • HAHA awwwwww you’re so sweet to even think of that!!!!!
      But it’s ok. If I ever get like a million points on that ride, THEN I will desperately track down my score!! 😉

  • Ellen the Alien


    i totally watched the whole vid, and believe it or not, to me, it didn’t seem long at all! :O

    cute lil novella you wrote there btw! ;P glad you guys had such a funtastic time! 🙂 i’m sure Bibi and Bunny wished they could have come with you guys if they had only known how much fun you all had. 😀

    • OMG i think bunny and bibi had a grand old time, digging holes, barking at children, and running around a big yard!! 😉

  • This sounds like a perfect vacation! The photos are the cutest!


    Suzy Tofu

    • If it were like 10 degrees cooler during the day, it WOULD have been perfect! 😛

  • mel


    Iccceeecream! i totally love your vacation posts!

    • heheheheeheheh awww i’m glad! thanks!! i still need to complete my paris post!

  • CurvyQ


    OMG…ur vaycay sounds like all of mine. Eat.Repeat.Eat.Repeat.

    Fun. Thnkx for sharing.

    Love the last jumpy pic of U and ur Hairy. esperfecto.

    • I know, right? I have no idea what to do on vacation except eat!

  • Michele


    I loved the video montage! Especially the music. I started laughing because that’s the music they use in that Chevy Chase movie, National Lampoon’s something or other. Too funny. 🙂

    • Yes, exactly! Manda suggested I find “vacation” music and then Hairy suggested the National Lampoon’s theme song!

  • Emily


    The chipmunk voices on the roller coaster made the video for me! LOL!!!

    • I must remember to use more chipmunk voices in the future!

  • thea starr


    i was just at disneyland too- i debated on the frozen banana – i’m glad i didn’t get one now. thanks for reviewing that. ^_^

  • Lady J


    I’m glad you had so much fun. For some reason the Canter’s pickles is my favorite part of the video…that seems a bit strange. I guess I just really love them.

    • HAHAHHA I really like pickles, too!

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