We are off to L.A.!

Re-freshed my hair color, took the dogs to my parents’, and now packing like mad. I would like to get into L.A. before 3 a.m. but perhaps this is a pipe dream!! Hairy wants to go to Canter’s as soon as we arrive. He is cray cray!!!

Hopefully I will have lots of fun pics of the weekend. Let’s hope it’s not too devastatingly HOT! We are going to Disneyland on Saturday, and probably bumming around LA/Hollywood on Sunday. And hopefully having lunch with Renee on Monday. Seeing a good handful of old and new friends!

Here is a quick sketch of a felted cake clutch I am going to try to make for you guys. I need to re-fill my Etsy shop SOON!!! That’s next week’s goal!!

Corn Dogs & Funnel Cakes,

9 Comments on “We are off to L.A.!”

  • Heidi


    As a purse whore I cannot wait to see your clutches!! xoxoxoxo

  • Oh! That clutch sketch is ADORABLE. Your prices are way too high for me though, sadly. I’ve idolized your work for ages.

  • Kira


    OMG I want that clutch!! It’s going to be SO adorable! <333333 your designs are so amazing and original! c:

  • Lady J


    Oooh! I’m looking forward to the cake clutch.

    Los Angeles is my neck of the woods. Canters is great! Kosher pickles galore! That’s what they’ll serve you right up front.

    Hope I don’t jinx if for you but this past week the weather has been cooling down a bit. Hope it stays that way! I prefer overcast weather.

    Have fun!

  • Mary C.


    Being a cupcake myself, I guess I have no choice but to say YES to a cupcake clutch. Sweet idea (no pun intended).

  • Kimi


    Hope you had a great time in LA!

    I, for one, would like to put my name on your cupcake clutch order list. DO WANT!

  • Pinkkis


    Oh! Have a great time in LA!! uh…I guess I’m a bit late…silly me (been on a vacation for two weeks, not really sure what day it is…)

    Anyway, I hope you had a blast!!

  • Michele


    Cute stuff! I can’t wait to see it finished.

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