Fun Stuff Round UP! & Bibi Videos!

1. Vintage Scottie Bookends
2. Vintage 40s-50s Record Collection
3. custom Golden Barbie dance dress by PinkZombies.
4. The Maraschino Dress from
5. Teal Jumper by 123LaLaLovely.
6. custom JEM bikini! by MySugarDoll.
7. Vintage Ice Cream Dress
8. Honey Bear Print. I love honeybears. When I have time, I will make a honeybear scarf!

I recorded myself clipping Bibi’s nails once and never posted it. I just think she manages to be a really good girl about her nails. They are REALLY BIG GIANT BASSETY HOUND TOENAILS!!!! And the quicks have always been long, so I can never really chop off a lot, so I end up clipping them almost more than once a week in the attempt to get them shorter, but I’m also so scared to hurt her! I should take her to a groomer, but, I don’t want them to chop into her quicks, either. I am sure that is just par for the course, but I can’t bear the thought of it! The process is usually two-part. 1) I use the doggie guillotine clipper to get off the big chunks. 2) I use a human nail clipper to clean up the jaggedy weird ends that the doggie clipper leaves. She prefers the human clipper portion, so I have to try to remember to get a toenail cutter and see if I can do most of the damage with that! I am sure this is only interesting to dog-people, and perhaps even then, only vaguely interesting….

As a side note, Bunny actually prefers the Pet Dremel to sand down her nails! But I don’t think Bibi was ever able to get used to it. Plus Bibi’s nails are so dense and so big, that it takes FOREVER to get anywhere with it.

Also, I had this weird plan to make a collection of short clips of Bibi squeaking various toys. I think I got tired of this idea and gave up quickly, but here is what I had so far. Obviously it’s been a while. She’s a lot bulkier now!!!

BibiSqueaki from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

Click the image to go to Vimeo if the movies doesn’t work here!

And finally, I ran into this cute gem while I was clicking thru my video folder!! BABY BIBI!!

18 Comments on “Fun Stuff Round UP! & Bibi Videos!”

  • Michelle


    omg.. just realized… that your pet “Bunny” is ACTUALLY A DOG.


    • HAHAHAH it’s ok. I’m a terrible dog-mommy and rarely post video or photos of Bunny!

  • Cat


    OMG! Her skin when she was a puppy! Too cute!

    • I know, right?!!! I miss her wrinkly wrinkles, but also her skin was a lot worse when she was little!

  • mahuahua


    i love bibi!<333 both your doglets are adorable! my little men go crazy when the clippers go anywhere near their tootsies!x

    • Yeah, I can really only do it when Bibi is half-sleepy. Bunny needs to be held by one person and clipped by second person!

  • Kira


    Twinkie I mentioned you in my blog hope that’s ok <33

    • Aw thanks!!!!! I really appreciate it!

      Now I gotta go check out that before/after site!!!!! We need a headboard!

      • Kira


        No problem you will be mentioned many more times in the future!

        Yes that site is amazing! It shows what cool stuff you can do with simple things!

  • I love that Jem Bikini! That’s my girl Mandy modeling it, she is so cute like a little pixie^^

    Also, don’t take this the wrong way but…I need to touch BiBi’s foldy skin!

    • Aw yes, Mandy is really adorable!!!!

      Ahahahaha…..I touch her wrinkles all the time. I totally understand! 😛

  • Vicki


    My dog HATES the guillotine clippers. I wound up getting a dremmel tool from Home Depot to file them down. He totally loves it (I think it’s like a doggie toe massage), and it actually helps shrink his quicks back without risking cutting into them.

    • I wish Bibi would acclimate to the Dremel!!!! It just goes so slowly on her thick nails, that she really won’t sit that long!

  • vicki


    Oh you gotta love our fickle children! 🙂

  • Ellen the Alien


    being the dog person i am, i couldn’t HELP but giggle at the Bibi vids. 😀 she’s just too cuteee!

  • Hezzywoo


    ah baby bibi is just so cute, its like she grew into her skin as she got bigger.

  • Melanye K.


    OMG my head just exploded from the cuteness that is baby bibi!!! :O sooooooo cuteee and smooshy and wrinklyyyy ahhh!

    • I know, I want to get anothr baby bibi!! 😛

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