Fun Stuff Round Up + Las Vegas Wrap Up!

1. Pink Girlie Mirror by DestinationDesign
2. The Alexis Smith Dress by Thrush (saw this shop in Elsie’s blog
3. Cute Bumblebee Brooch from RedVelvetArt
4. “Ice Cream Cone Donuts from KawaiiNails.
5. Paisely Peacock Tulle Flower Headband by Tarina Tarantino.
6. Red Vintage Peep Toe Sandals from thelasthurrah.
7. Pattern for Felted Cow Bag! by sonicka.
8. Cream Colored Strapped Ankle Boots by thecrumpetcloset

On Tuesday, I flew to Las Vegas for the day to attend the MAGIC tradeshow. I wouldn’t normally go just for kicks, but my reps and I had a meeting with a company re: Twinkie Chan business, and they were kind enough to provide badges for us to attend. We walked the floor quite a bit and checked out a bunch of brands. I ran into Susan of and also saw Ted from Poketo. Those were probably the only 2 peeps I actually knew there! I thought I saw Jamie from JapanLa, but she was talking to a bunch of girls and I didn’t manage to make eyecontact with her while we were walking by.

I was there for about 6 hours and really didn’t get to see everything! Maybe if I get the chance to go again (it happens twice a year), I will plan to spend a little more time and bring a pal!

After my meeting, which started a bit late, there was no time for dinner. I had to get back to the airport! The line for a cab was REAAALLLY long, like won’t-make-your-flight long. This one guy kept yelling that there was no line for a limo. When asked how much the limo ride was, he said $60. Split 4 ways with some other ladies from the tradeshow meant a mere $15, which was basically what I paid to take a cab earlier in the morning. SOLD!!! Smooth ride. No wait. Awesome tunes. What’s not to love?

My diet for the day consisted of a Starbuck’s blueberry scone, french fries around 3pm, and then 2 Mrs. Field’s cookies around 7:00. When I got home, Hairy made yummy Thai Food and we ate dinner at about 11:00. It was a carbtastic, long day!

I leave you with a sweet video clip of the limo party. I was actually nothing like a party, which made the setting even more funny.

(OK it’s really fuzzy and pixelated and basically looks like a sonogram. Sorry. It’s all I got.)

I hope my next blog update will be all about new stuff on ETSY!! I still need to finish some items and shoot photos of them all tomorrow!

Oh, P.S., here’s a photo that Hairy snapped of me when I got home from Vegas…..TIREDZ!!!! My head is on Bibi’s butt, and her head is on my knee. Nap snuggling!

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  • Kim


    I was in vegas once when there was a magic convention, saw them all trawling into the convention center in their pimpin’ clothes. I’d well go one year, looked like fun!

    • I’ve a feeling the parties would probably be fun, too!

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