Candy Hearts & Sammiches

Today, a couple of us went over to Manda’s for a mellow Sunday afternoon. I decided I would bring little PB&J sandwiches cut into hearts!!

I also sported my new not-so-top-secret-anymore project: a collaboration with Faeriesmak. After drawing the Sweet Toof tee, I REEEAAALLY wanted an actual necklace that looked like a heart-shaped candy cane. So I teamed up with Teiva, mistress of Faeriesmak, to make my dream come true! I really love it!!! We are still tweaking some final things, but two versions of the candy cane heart necklace will be available sooner rather than later in my Etsy shop. YAY! I’m really bad at keeping secrets and creating surprises….

Yesterday, Hairy and I went to the Harajuku Kawaii Experience/opening for the New People Center thingie on Sunday. I did not take very many pictures, because I feel weird about taking pics of other people I don’t know! Also, I tried to take some video of the 6%DOKIDOKI Makeover Contest, but I think we were too far away, and it would have been really hard to see. Here is one video clip of the top 5 finalists when asked to do some sort of cute dance together:

Go here for a SLIDE SHOW on

When Hairy and I first got there, we bumped into Marissa and Josh pretty quick and all decided to eat. Everywhere was really packed, so we went to

On the Bridge.

Out in the crowd, we also ran into Amy Shrinkle. She gave me a sample of her new eyeshadow line, Sugarpill, and later, she molested my buttcheeks on the first/toy floor of the new building, so I poked hers back repeatedly, like testing if your cupcakes are done yet.

There was a GIANT line to actually get into the stores, so I just figured we wouldn’t try getting in that day. We live in SF after all and can go any time. But to my surprise, Marissa, who had been a top 15 semi-finalist for the contest, grabbed my arm and started to guide me toward the building. She said that the contestants were getting into the stores without waiting in line, and that they could bring friends!! But they were bringing in a lot of friends, and I couldn’t quite tell if it was all on the up and up, so I was all scared that I was going to get yelled at!! It was really hot inside, we got interviewed on film, and Marissa bought two ADORABLE dresses from 6%DOKIDOKI. I am really not a lolita nor into lolita fashion on my own person, so the lolita stuff was kind of not imperative for me to see. If I go back, I will probably mostly browse in the 6%DOKIDOKI area. It was really sparse when we got in there, so I hope it gets bulked up so I can see more!

Afterward, we went to Target to buy toilet paper and other exciting stuff.

We also saw District 9, which I thought was really good. Go see it!

Oh, also, word of advice: if you go to a party, wear something with lots of pockets, in case the hostess asks if you’d like to take something home!

9 Comments on “Candy Hearts & Sammiches”

  • Shrinkle


    You ate?! I didn’t even see food there! I showed up having not eaten breakfast, then ended up having beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Felt sooo gross by the end of the day! I think the food was located past the beer, and I was just too tired and hungry to walk any further haha.

    • We went inside the mall to eat!!!!! I can’t believe you guys starved all day! Sad!

  • mel


    Oh, looks like a fun time!
    p.s. how much does the necklace cost please?

    • I’m still figuring it out, but probably in the $25-$30 area!

  • poppY


    awwwe Too cute! We have a Dinosaur sammich cutter too. It is AWESOME!

    • i love cutting sammiches! i just have to figure out what to do with all the leftover bread pieces!

  • Ellen the Alien


    all the food pix are making me hungry! -sniffle-

    i think you’ve mentioned an ebay shop before…could you give me the linkage, plz? 🙂

  • Jules Chan


    Very cute necklace, well done!

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