Hairspray Wars!!! L’Oreal Elnett vs. Bed Head Hard Head

I’d heard that many people were excited that Elnett Hairspray would be available again. Apparently it was banned in the United States for 20 years because it killed the ozone layer, so people would smuggle it back to the states from Europe. The hold was supposed to be incredible, and every superstar’s secret for giant hair.

It is now available at Target. The formula is not exactly the same as before, and apparently it is a bit heavier due to a higher water content, but people still seem to be pumped that this hairspray is back.

I wanted to buy a small can to see how it compared with my all-time favorite: Bed Head Hard Head.

Now, I am probably looking for hairsprays with WAY MORE hold than most people need on a daily basis. My hair is really coarse, and heavy, and just wants to lay flat and straight. I damage it to kingdom come and put all kinds of product in it, just so I can get it big and fluffy and messy. And I need a powerful hold to keep all that messiness up, or else it will fall down flat in 30 minutes again. Most sprays that say they have super hold just make my hair crispy, but still flat. I think the water contents are too high to keep my hair fluffy. Aqua Net is pretty good, and not watery, but the hold is still not enough to last me through the day.

Bed Head Hard Head seriously does the trick. I can break crackers with my hair, the hold is so good. (Ahaha, actually I did this yesterday when I accidentally bumped my cracker through my hair and crumbs started falling into my lap.) But it also feels pretty dry when it sprays on, so it doesn’t weigh my hair back down. I was zazzed when my Safeway was carrying it for a hot minute, but now I have to track it down again at various beauty supply stores.

Ultimately, my thoughts on Elnett are: the hold IS good! It’s an excellent alternative to my Hard Head. HOWEVER, IT IS STEEENKY!!!!!! I was suffocating myself (and Bibi) while getting it in my hair. I figured this smell would fade out after the spray dried, but I still feel like I can smell a heavy, perfumey, yucky stench around my head. I am not digging that.

I will be sticking with my Bed Head Hard Head. Sorry, Ellnet!

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  • Ellen the Alien


    have you ever tried Herbal Essences Set Me Up hairspray with cactus flower n bamboo (max hold)? it smells ahh!-mazing! and plus it gives incredible hold! 🙂

  • EggVIP


    My favorite hairspray for long-term, heavy duty hold is “Freeze It: Mega Freeze Hair Spray. 24 hour extreme hold”

    I was shocked it’s so good because it’s only about $5 @ drugstores. It’s what I started using after it was only thing I had on hand to style a Japanese man for a 2 hour rock concert.

    His hair actually remained exactly the way I’d put it!!!

    • hmmmmmmmm, I will check it out! wish there were more sample sizes available for all the hairsprays!

  • eryn marie


    have you tried “what a tease- backcomb in a bottle”??? that stuff is pretty mega hold. sadly, a short can costs the same as a tall can of tigi.

    also, osis makes this hair powder (an even shorter bottle yet for the same price!!) that gives some pretty heavy lift at the roots.

    • Nope, I haven’t tried that!!!

      Have you tried hair powders?!

  • faeth


    got2b glued hair spray is GREAT. the hold is amazing, your hair isnt going anyyyywhere once you use that stuff! it comes in a yellow can that kinda looks like an airhorn and is sold at most drugstores.

    • hmmmm yes, I have seen that brand a lot, but never knew if it was good!

  • Jen


    Blegh. Elnett not only stinks, but it leaves a residue everywhere, including the air around you. I tried that little can and now it just sits there.

    • Oh man, speaking of residue, the Hard Head also leaves itself everywhere. I have to wipe down everything all the time!!

  • Yuri


    lol I have super thick, wavy hair, and it’s cut in a buncha crazy rocker layers. I can get it straight, but it won’t stay bone-straight, especially in the Florida sun. 🙁 Does anyone have any suggestions? 😀

  • Dunno if you guys have it in US but if you do give it a try.
    The name: Garnier Fructis Elastic Power with bamboo

    I use it for a few months now and i can say im amazed. I make my hair look like a cabbage head and believe me, it has a very strong hold without giving that stuck look on the hair plus it smells real nice, kinda fresh.

    I love it, my hair stays the exact same way. To be honest i think it looks even better the next day after i have slept haha 🙂

  • Carl


    Do you think the loreal elnet supreme hold can hold a spiky guy hairstyle? I’m a guy and I’m curious if this will hold a spiky style for a long time? Thanks! I’m also choosing between bed head hard and loreal supreme hold because I figured the loreal one can give a little bit of shine although I really like the Matt finish that most hair sprays give but I’m just curious about having a spiky hairstyle with a satin texture. Thanks!

    • TwinkieChan


      Hi! It was so long ago when I tried Elnet, that I have no idea. It sounds like I thought the hold was the same as Hard Head, so you’d probably be in good shape! I actually switched to SAMY Fat Hair, though, since it feels even lighter and dryer than Hard head, but with excellent hold. Have you sampled that one?

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