Harauku Kawaii Experience this Saturday afternoon!

We’re going to this tomorrow!!! We’ll see how early we can get there. We usually don’t even wake up until noon!!! Or way after noon!! Marissa had mentioned that new lolita shops were opening up and her friends were driving up for it, but I didn’t know it was a part of this whole “summit” thing until Amy berated me for not having Azn pride.

I’m so curious about how crowded Japantown will end up being!

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4 Replies to “Harauku Kawaii Experience this Saturday afternoon!”

  1. matsuribot says:

    I’m curious too. I think we’re going to try and make it.

  2. Morient says:

    Ahh I am entirely jealous, TsuShiMaMiRe is great! If only it were not an 8 hour drive away…

    Have an awesometastic time! 😀

  3. Reenie says:

    I’m so jealous that you can go. If I was anywhere near San Francisco I would go to the opening of the new mall. Its probably going to be crowded, a lot of girls on the lolita communities are talking about traveling for it.

  4. Yuri says:

    lol you can see the MAC control panel thing! xD

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